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Ending and Pretending

Chiara. Oh, Chiara. She takes this opportunity to apologize to...Roddy, of all people. She could not be sadder if she were a Lifetime movie where three women in the same family all die of consumption within three days of each other, and then all the actresses win Golden Globes. Kiki says that somehow Roddy suffered the effects of her neediness, or something...I don't totally understand it, except that she's still got his name tattooed on her ass or wherever she had it done, so she's not giving up just because he's done everything short of hanging out a sign to advertise his lack of interest. "Cool. Thanks for saying that," he answers. Prick. They have certainly turned into a traveling horror show.

Roddy. He prattles on for quite some time (again) about how hard it was for him, because all he ever did was act really, really nice to everyone, so he has no idea how he was so badly misread. As usual, he is not willing to take responsibility for anything he did, because the way he mindfucked half that house was not "nice." He could really use a little self-awareness to go with all those facts about continental drift.

The evictees start in talking about Danielle and Lisa. Josh takes the position that Lisa has gotten a free ride from other people. Gerry agrees in the PMR that Lisa had no "coherent strategy." Interestingly, I think that's a good thing. I don't think you can go into that house with a single set "strategy." Just as with Will last year, I think one of the things Lisa did well was roll with the shifting fortunes of the house. This game, because of all the uncertainties of competitions and such, really does need to be played week-to-week, so I wouldn't fault her for not having a single consistent strategy. I don't think you need one. Amy certainly didn't have one, and she was in the final four. Marcellas, on the other hand, is giving Lisa credit for what a nice girl she is. He notes that for him, Lisa's "defining moment" was being the only one not to take the money in the game with the cell phones. I actually do think she got huge points for that -- just when Danielle and Jason were looking like mustache-twirling operators, here came Lisa with this really generous move. It seemed to boost her underdog appeal considerably.

Tonya says that Danielle got people to do her dirty work, but it's not clear to me what she means. She obviously hates Danielle, but in this game, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't vote for you because you didn't do your own dirty work. I don't know. Maybe I'm not following. She confuses me. Josh responds by complimenting Danielle's excellent play in the house by pointing out how badly people realized they were being played once they left. This is true, but once again, I have to stress the endgame. If you just want to make the final two, you don't need to worry about votes. But if you want the money, you need a way to get enough votes to win, and Danielle didn't have any plan for that at all.

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