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Ending and Pretending

Marcellas apologizes to her, but as usual, he manages to make it ultimately a moment of self-love: "I apologize to you. You know, I was the boy with the lines." Is it possible for him to get through a single conversation without expressing his deep and abiding adoration of himself? It would be sort of funny if it weren't know, pathetic and irritating. She responds in kind by complimenting herself, saying how forgiving and kind she is. They hug. Oh, God, we have fifty-three minutes left. I don't think I'll make it. Especially if I have to look at her weird teeth and inappropriate pearl necklace and his pink polo shirt for the entire hour.

Amy, interestingly, really is the only person who genuinely takes the opportunity to apologize for the crappy things she said about people in the house while she was there. It comes off as fairly sincere -- I think she got out and thought that the sight of herself in some of those moments was kind of ugly. My friend Ames made the comment recently that Amy will be a terrific girl someday, and I think I agree. She's one of those people you suspect will have a number of very cool qualities after some growing up and some confidence and maybe a little therapy to keep her from pouring her heart out for the benefit of people who walk on it. She has sometimes really bothered me, but it's completely easy for me to believe that, five years from now, she could be a hilarious, self-possessed bad-ass, and I dearly hope it happens. At any rate, she apologizes very straightforwardly, and with a refreshing lack of sneaky attempts to surreptitiously justify everything she did. Chiara jiggles her foot, feeling very much empowered to accept or not accept Amy's apology, having been not at all at fault herself. Still can't stand her. Can't. Stand. Her. Not in the house, not out of the house, not ever. We see Kiki in...well, it's not the diary's sort of the Post-Mortem Room. She tells us that she doesn't forgive Amy at all. You know, one of the reasons I don't believe in using the word "bitch" too freely is so that I can save it up for moments when it really, truly applies, such as this one. Bitch.

Josh follows this up by apologizing to Gerry, and he too comes across as mostly sincere, or at least as sincere as Josh gets. "I was cruel to you," he says simply. And accurately. We see him in blue and white whapping Gerry with the plastic lizard. Yeah, I could believe that watching yourself do that would not be pretty. I wonder whether it was the part where he said "Nazi" that made Josh think he might have crossed the line. Gerry is gracious in response. They do not hug.

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