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Ending and Pretending

Okay, time to crown the big winner. Julie tells us that either Danielle or Lisa will get half a million bucks, and the runner-up gets $50,000. Time to reveal the votes. The way they're doing it this year is that each person stands up and pulls his or her key out to reveal the vote. What I hate about it is that they don't get to explain. It's just pull your key, announce your vote, and sit down. Sigh. I want details! Prurient details, if possible! Anyway, Lori goes first. She votes for Lisa, which according to my pre-show calculations (which were that she needed at least one of Lori, Gerry, Amy, and Chiara in order to win), bodes well for Lisa. Tonya votes for Lisa. Eric votes (shockingly) for Lisa. Josh stands up. "I did it. I voted for Lisa to win Big Brother 3," he says as if he is surprised, and then he sits down. Some have interpreted that to mean he was pressured into it, but all I took it to mean is that they obviously talked about it, and he had told everyone that he was struggling with whom to vote for. I suspect what it really refers to is that he was having a lot of trouble putting aside his personal gripes with Lisa, so it pained him to vote for her, but he did. And why? Same reason as Chiara is about to vote for Lisa -- he wants Roddy to love him. Sigh. Anyway, Chiara votes for Lisa. Gerry votes for Lisa. Roddy votes for Lisa. Marcellas votes for Lisa. Amy votes for Lisa. Oh, and Jason votes for Danielle. That's a nine-to-one vote, for those of you keeping score at home.

Groupthink? Maybe. But every one of those people, save Josh, had a good reason to vote for Lisa, as far as I was concerned -- or a good reason to vote against Danielle. I think Josh went along as he often does, desperate for approval and to fit in, but I think the rest of them could easily have reached that decision legitimately.

Everyone claps. Lisa looks teary and puffy and thrilled. Josh runs over to hug her, which is just additional proof that money isn't everything, because you never know what it may bring into your life. Julie tells Danielle and Lisa that their families are waiting outside. Lisa pauses to get some Eric hugs (hee hee), and then all head for the door. Gerry hugs Lisa and assures her that "lucky" was a compliment. Ooh, not! Okay, I don't technically know, but...ooh, not! Everyone out the front door. Danielle goes to her children and very youthful-looking hubby and they all hug. Yay, hugging! Lisa goes to her father, throwing the poor stuffed dog right down on the steps (hey!). Aww, Lisa loves her dad.

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