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The Ugly Truth, Only Uglier

Oh, man, it already seems like the season has been going on forever, but there are still all these goddamn people in the house.

In the wake of Braden's eviction, Casey and Jordan and Michele wonder who flipped on them, unaware for the moment that it was Ronnie. As for Chima, she vows, "I will never volunteer as a pawn again." Before the HoH competition, Ronnie's already trying to quietly deflect the blame on Michelle. Braden's photo on the memory wall goes black-and-white. If the producers really wanted to piss him off, they'd turn it brown.

Ronnie's almost as happy to have won HoH as Jessie is to see him win it. Jeff is, too, with reservations, because he doesn't completely trust Ronnie. Laura, meanwhile, is totally onto Ronnie.

But of course, Ronnie's HoH, so it's not like anyone can go after him. Instead, Lydia, Chima, Natalie, Ronnie, and Kevin are sitting around talking about the vote Michele makes the mistake of confessing that she voted to evict Chima, who freaks out on her. Which I'm sure makes Michele feel a lot worse about her vote.

Meanwhile, in the "splish-splash" room, Ronnie's trying to calm Jeff down, along with Jordan, Laura, and Jeff. In other words, all the people who voted to keep Braden contingent save Casey. When Ronnie leaves the room, Laura explains how and why she thinks it was Ronnie who flipped. When Ronnie returns, he continues to argue that it was Michele, not fooling anyone, least of all Laura. "I told you it was him," she whispers after Ronnie leaves the room again. He needs to quit leaving the room.

Ronnie reports back to the Athletes/Lydia axis, who give him props for playing both sides so well. Ronnie himself promises the Diary Room that there will be "big moves in store for the week."

After the ads, Laura continues making her case, now to Michele, Chima, and Kevin, that Ronnie's the puppetmaster. Then Chima joins Ronnie and his Athlete allies to report back. Ronnie boasts that he's playing the game, which he can do in the presence of the people who got their way, after all. He also DRs that Laura just gave him an excuse to nominate her.

Ronnie shows off his HoH room. Unsurprisingly, it's a dork den. [With the soundtrack to Legally Blonde: The Musical and a bubble wand as his gifts. Make of that what you will.-- Angel] Surprisingly, Ronnie is married. To someone cute. You think you know somebody...

That night, Ronnie comes out and joins the people who actually did vote to keep Braden, and if he wants to continue acting like he didn't flip on them, he should probably stop being the only one in the supposed voting block who isn't acting upset about what happened. Still, he's not coming clean, even when the whole group goes down the line and they all say they voted to evict Chima. It's like a locked-room mystery with morons. Belatedly, Ronnie realizes he needs to act upset, so when he does, he acts pissed at Casey for trying to deflect blame, acting like Casey's outspoken doubts make him the prime suspect. He ends his participation in the discussion by issuing Casey veiled threats if he continues making comments like that, and then stomping back inside. Way to play it cool, Ronnie.

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