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Natalie's Revenge (Again)

Julie's literally behind the eight-ball tonight, or at least that's what the circular black necklace over her black-on-black outfit is making it look like tonight. She reminds us that Jeff and Jordan are on the block together, so their showmance is ending tonight, one way or another; it's just a question of which way.

There's a quick flashback of Michele using the Veto on herself and Head of House Kevin naming Jordan as her replacement. Jeff's pissed, and promises in the Diary Room to come after Kevin if he gets to stay. Which, since Kevin is determined to get him out, doesn't seem likely. Jordan DRs that she's feeling breakup-sad, and Michele says the only way to save Jeff is to win over Natalie. Good luck with that. Natalie's pretty happy with how things are going for Natalie. She and Kevin gloat quietly to each other in the Red Room, while she gloats much more loudly to the rest of us in the DR. If I could make one change to this show, and there are a lot I'd like to make, it would be to add a sign above the Diary Room camera that reads, "Inside voices, please."

Jeff and Jordan sit out in the backyard, and he tries to buck her up, talking like Leo at the end of Titanic or something. He advises her to get Kevin out and stick with Michele into the final two. Jordan still insists that Jeff is the one who deserves to stay, and she asks him if she's going to get a goodbye kiss on live TV. Jeff likes that idea so much he wants to get started on it before then.

Later, Jeff decides to try to make his case in the kitchen to Natalie, who tries in turn to preemptively shoot him down. As they talk in the kitchen, Kevin watches suspiciously on the HoH monitor. He's aware that he really can't rely on Natalie, and reminds us what a "greedy biznatch" the Pandora's Box debacle proved her to be. As for Natalie herself, she isn't convinced by Jeff, and tells us he'll have to make her a better offer. Better than the nothing he's offering her now?

Jordan lies in bed with Jeff, asking him to tell her if she has the votes so she can wear her best outfit to eviction night. Jeff tells her he lost, and it's over. They plan their big kiss, and he prevails on her to practice a little. No, actually, a lot. This is getting way too long (that's what she said).

Jeff and Michele talk about what they can offer Natalie, and think about throwing HoH her way. Jeff thinks she'd be an idiot not to take the deal, and if she's that stupid, he doesn't want to be in the house with her anyway.

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