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After the nomination meeting on Day 10, Nominee Dan does some of his patented metaphor torturing, comparing his and Brian's alliance to a ruined city. The other nominee, Steven, DRs that his feelings were hurt by the nominations, and that Jessie's claim that it's about Steven's "disrespect" in not visiting Jessie's HoH room is B.S. Libra DRs that everyone wants Steven out for the twin crimes of allying with Brian and being a strong competitor. Why just eviction? Why not also fines and imprisonment? And Jessie spends his DR time congratulating himself on his awesomeness. Some more.

Dan has a one-on-one in the HoH room with Jessie, who proclaims his respect and trust for Dan. Dan in turn assures Jessie that he'll have Jessie's back if he gets into power somehow. They agree that the worst-case scenario is for Steven to win the Power of Veto.

Angie comes into the bedroom to find Steven reading alone, sad that people don't like him. Steven thinks the two of the need to get back the power, but Angie thinks that she should probably get as far away from Steven and all other things Brian as soon as possible.

Michelle gives Jessie a pedicure. They flirt. Decide for yourself which of those two statements is grosser.

Memphis has a storage room meeting with Jessie and suggests that eight people out of twelve just isn't a big enough alliance, so he proposes bringing in Angie and Michelle. Later, the two of them approach Angie to propose the three of them plus Michelle as a gang of four. Angie seems receptive. I like how the editors put Memphis's job title of "mixologist" in scare quotes.

That evening (or some evening), a group that includes Steven and Renny sits on the back porch talking about Hurricane Katrina. Surviving the storm is the one thing the two of them have in common, but that's enough for Steven to decide there's a bond between them. That's quite a big tent Steven lives in there.

In the kitchen, Keesha's going off the reservation: "You can't leave," she says to Steven, as though it's up to him. She's willing to not only vote to keep Steven, but try to win the PoV and use it on Steven. Steven warns her to look out for herself as well. I'm starting to think that the entire key to Keesha is that she doesn't like being told what to do. So the first player who figures out that they should tell Keesha to do the opposite of what they want will have an early advantage.

Jessie wakes everyone up to pick PoV players, triggering a montage of people doing their morning ablutions. Fun fact: Renny applies makeup while wearing sunglasses, which explains a lot. Anyway, as always, the players will be the HoH (Jessie), the nominees, (Dan and Steven), and a player drawn randomly by each of them. Jessie draws Michelle. Dan gets Houseguest's Choice and picks Libra, just to be safe. And Steven, just as he hoped, picks Keesha. Jessie appoints Jerry as the host. Jerry DRs that he always thought he'd be a good TV host, if only his voice weren't utter shit. That's a common problem.

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