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Leavin' Steven

I love Wednesdays on this show. Tons of commercials, little action to recap, and at the end, one less asshole.

Julie is resplendent in a cantaloupe-colored pantsuit this evening as she welcomes us and the live audience to the proceedings, reminding us that either Dan or Steven is going home tonight. She also reminds us that Dan's strategy is to quietly suck while Steven flails around to save himself. "But even the quietest mouse can't escape the eye of the cat," Julie warns. Well, that's certainly a trenchant observation, even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with what we're about to witness.

After a replay of Michelle's declining to use the veto last night, Dan DRs how happy he is to still be on the block. If he actually gets voted off, he's going to cream himself. Steven talks about how bad he feels that he's going to have to compete against one of his closest friends in the house, not that that's going to stop him. Keesha is regretting her alliance, but belatedly realizes that she's going to have to vote Steven out to keep herself safe. Libra DRs about her alliance's anti-floater strategy. Yes, that's brilliant. Get rid of the floaters so you have nobody to win to your side later. Genius.

After the veto, Steven goes to Dan and says he did his best to arrange for Libra as a replacement nominee, but now the reality is that they're up against each other to not get the boot. Dan's like, "Okay, knock yourself out." And the hell of it is, Steven will.

Steven throws himself on the mercy of Ollie and the "Angels" (Libra, Keesha, and April, who seem to be getting along fine again now, because at heart they're a bunch of fickle third-graders). Steven feels like he's being screwed over by his alliance with Brian, despite the fact that the other nominee is the one who actually voted for Brian to stay. They admit that Steven is a stronger competitor, which is why they want him out. Steven makes the argument that that can also make him a stronger ally, which is what he offers to be for them right now. He exits to let them cogitate on that. So the four of them sit and talk shit about the other four members of their alliance -- Jessie, Memphis, Michelle, and Angie -- who formed their own faction last night. On this season, the people you don't trust are the ones not in the room with you at this exact moment. These four decide that they need to form their own group of four, and latch onto a floater to beat the other four on numbers.

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