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The Hero And The Gloat

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The Hero And The Gloat

Previously: America could seriously kiss my ass.

We blue-and-white back to the eviction of Dustin (I bet he really regrets those V-necks now that he's seen himself on television), and to the surprise of zero viewers, Amber weeps inconsolably in the DR about how alone she is now. She has the dreaded terrarium disease, where the turtles forget everything but the glass box. Dick is gloating about how amazing it is that his homophobic, violent tirades haven't hurt him. Jessica basically says she's glad she got rid of Dustin without having to do anything herself to alienate anyone.

Eric tells us that he feels "great" about the fact that "the blood is on our hands." He means my hands, your hands, and his hands. Because he doesn't know that you and I both despise him. Or I'm suspecting that you do, just statistically. Daniele, of course, is "ecstatic" that her dad is still there, because she is so caught up in the codependency of it all that she can't see straight. I used to see her as a sort of emotionally abused kid who couldn't cut the strings because she so badly wanted some kind of relationship with her father, but now I see her more as a spoiled, manipulative bitch who's figured out that the guilt and embarrassment her psycho father feels about their broken relationship can be leveraged to enable her to get what she wants.

Eric tries to make amends with Jameka, but she's not having it. "Nothing makes sense," she DRs. Dustin's picture fades to black and white, and the sun goes down on him.

The sun never really rises on Amber, because she's in the DR crying about how she got played, which is so unfair, because she never plays anyone. "I'm so confu-u-used," she sobs. Get that lady a towel! She and Jameka commiserate about how much everyone sucks, and Jameka says in the DR that she blames Eric, noting that Eric's apparent backstabbing of Dustin kind of sucks extra, given that Dustin saved Eric's ass last week. The funny thing is that Jameka and Amber have something in common besides cluelessness, in that they both believe that there should be an internal logic to week-to-week actions including something other than attempting to save your own ass, and ironically, in Eric's case, there really is a secret internal logic of sorts, which is that he does whatever America tells him to do. In other news, Amber can hear Dustin's disembodied voice in her head telling her to be strong in the house. His disembodied voice is, of course, wearing a gray V-neck, of which it has several.

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