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Julie welcomes us to the studio, telling us that since it's Wednesday, "the houseguests have no idea that I'm here." Unless, like me, they assume Julie lives there, only venturing over to The Talk set for limited intervals. The point, though, is that there's going to be a surprise eviction tonight. Welcome to Calvinball! I mean, Big Brother.

We're down to five houseguests: Jenn and the surviving four members of the Quack Pack, who are Dan, Ian, Shane, and Danielle. Ian nominated Jenn and, against all reason, Shane opposite her rather than Dan. Julie comes back to tell us it's Day 68, and we see inside the house, where everyone's just hanging out doing nothing (live!) until Julie calls them all into the living room from the viewscreen. They all rush in, distinctly un-camera-ready, Shane pausing to put on his pants. That fire drill was just pretext for Julie to let them know that there's going to be a live eviction tonight. She cuts them loose to scamper around trying to prepare while she gives us an additional recap of the last week's worth of stuff we already know from the previouslies.

Back to the past once again, showing a flashback of Ian's nomination meeting. Jenn Diary-Rooms her amazement at Dan once again failing to get nominated, Shane confidently DR's that he's the pawn, and Danielle is much less confident of same. Dan is just happy to be safe and in position to take another crack at Shane, who still thinks he's his ally.

After the meeting, Jenn tries to freeze Dan out, which is just what he wants; her acting upset sells the idea that Shane's the pawn, plus he gets to earn her trust by bucking her up and promising to be on her side. He ends up getting a hug and everything.

Later, Danielle and Jenn talk about Shane's reaction to his nomination. Danielle steers this into more moaning about her moribund showmance, as one might expect, but she actually has some strategy in mind, helping fool Jenn into thinking Shane's doomed. I think that might have been an actual slick move on Danielle's part.

The veto competition is set up. It's a puzzle race, but with a couple of nice wrinkles. One is that it involves two platforms. One platform holds the vertical puzzle space, and the other holds a button they'll have to hit, which will magnetize their puzzle board for twenty seconds. Of course this means they'll have to swing back and forth to hit their button every fifteen seconds or so, or all their progress will be lost. If that happens, they have only ten seconds to hit the button again or they're out of the game entirely. Not bad. The other nice wrinkle is that the puzzle is a mosaic of melting Salvador Dali clocks, which as an added bonus, Ian correctly identifies in the DR. First person to finish their puzzle and hit their buttons one last time wins not only PoV, but a "special luxury prize." Sure, we know what that is from tonight's preview, but I don't recap the previews.

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