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After the previouslies, we flash back to Jessie's eviction on Thursday. Amanda says in the Diary Room that she's had a hand in every eviction to date, and hopefully every eviction from now on. Has she forgotten that there's a jury vote at the end? Helen DRs that Jessie tried to screw her, but she's confident that people will believe her, Helen, over Jessie. Even though Helen was the one lying. Spencer says he's survived being nominated five times, but doesn't want to do it again. And given some of the other, bigger targets in the house, he thinks he should be all right for a couple of weeks. After Jessie's exit on Thursday (Day 56), everyone watches her picture go monochrome on the memory wall. Andy's all red-faced and crying after getting rid of a friend. But he didn't piss anyone else off, so it was totally worth it.

And then Aaryn won Head of Household again. Aaryn DRs that she's the one who's being used for the big moves all the time. Yes, the novelty of HoH has clearly worn off for her. GinaMarie says they're like arguing sisters and they'll be fine, which is conveniently forgetting what a dick she was to Aaryn just the other night.

While they're still outside after the competition, Amanda is still complaining about never winning anything. And she's still complaining about it to McCrae when they're inside later. McCrae says he'll never throw another competition again (aha, I thought so), which Amanda says indicates that McCrae doesn't trust Aaryn, even though she's in the 3AM alliance with them. McCrae says he'd feel safer if Amanda were the one in control, which she takes as a criticism for her failure to win HoH. And she takes it hard. In fact, she leaves the room crying and goes to hide in the storage room, under a shelf and behind the trash bin. I think the Have-Not room would be more comfortable.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Spencer and GinaMarie discuss Amanda's increasingly poor reactions to her ongoing losing streak, and how she'll end up ruining McCrae's life, even if he wins despite her.

Elsewhere, Helen reassures a worried-looking Elissa that she has the votes to stay. As though Elissa's even on anyone's radar any more. Helen advises Elissa to go talk to Aaryn. Reminding Aaryn that she exists could actually be Elissa's worst possible move, not that Helen would be all that heartbroken about another person leaving. So Helen herself goes to Aaryn, and after they discuss Amanda (who's still hiding in the storage room), Helen congratulates Aaryn on her gameplay and for turning it around. Aaryn eats it up, of course, and takes it as a sign that Helen is one of the most wonderful people she's ever met. Because to Aaryn, the finest quality a person can have is the ability to appreciate Aaryn.

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