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Julie apparently misses Casey's banana suit so much that she's practically wearing one of her own tonight, as she welcomes us to Day 33. But that's not nearly as freaky as what people are wearing inside the house. Russell is dressed like a hit man in a black suit jacket and black shirt, but even he isn't as scary as Ronnie's fellow nominee Lydia, who's wearing a stripe of black paint across her eyes so thick she literally looks like a vintage smut photo, only with clothes on. Julie reminds us that it's possible that neither Lydia nor Ronnie will go home, because someone has been given the power of Coup D'├ętat, meaning that they'll be able to change the nominees to anyone but Head of Household Russell or Power of Veto-holder Michele. Not that we get to find out who that person is. Or, as the case may be, have our suspicions confirmed.

We rejoin the action after the flashback to Michele's non-veto of Ronnie, who is looking pretty doomed. Even so, Lydia's kind of worried about being sent home instead. Understandable. Ronnie's the kind of Big Brother player who, when you pick your foot up and look under your shoe, is always still moving somehow.

Michele and Jordan are having an innocuous conversation about books when Russell wanders by. He thinks they're scheming about him, because who would talk to Jordan about books?

Up in the HoH room, Russell talks to Michele about the mindfuck that this house and this game is, and Russell learns from her that people are out to get him -- specifically Chima, who she says wanted to backdoor Russell in Week 2. Russell thinks Chima's just jealous of Michele and her new friendship with Michele, but he's not about to let it drop.

So he calls Jessie up to interrogate him about Chima's "plan," which has gotten blown up in his mind to a diabolical scheme instead of just shit-talking. Jessie claims that Chima's never mentioned that to him, which just makes Russell more determined to find out the truth. He has Natalie send Chima up, but when Natalie does so, she makes sure to warn Chima what Russell's upset about, reminds her they want him out eventually, and "play nice please." Chima wants a piece of Michele, but first she answers Russell's summons. Russell tells her what Michele told him, and she suggests bringing Michele up to join the conversation. Once Michele sits down with the two of them to straighten this out, Chima confronts Michele with what Russell told her she said. Michele denies it (Diary Rooming, meanwhile that Russell wasn't supposed to talk to the people Michele was accusing of shit. Hello!), and Russell flips out. It turns into a three-way argument about who's lying about whom, and the yelling spills out onto the balcony, with Michele somehow being thrown clear while Russell and Chima scream right into each other's faces, all the way out into the backyard so everyone can see. It's all very fraught, and the show's narrative makes no indication of what I read from some people who watch the feeds, which is that Russell and Chima staged this whole thing. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what's going on.

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