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The Divine Power Of Veto

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The Divine Power Of Veto

Slide-guitar into the moments immediately post-nominations, as Dustin hugs Jen, Jen (briefly) tries to look like she's totally fine with it, and Kail realizes what a dipshit notion it was for her to SUGGEST to Dustin that he nominate her. I mean, to honest-to-God give him the idea! Okay, he probably would have done it regardless, but still! Dick celebrates that Dustin's nominations are a cover of Dick's own from last week, apparently not considering the possibility that Dustin could be just as unsuccessful in ousting them as Dick himself was. Kail blahs that she's going to try to trust Dustin. Dustin, for his part, DRs that he availed himself of the opportunity when Kail "threw herself at" him as a possible nominee -- as, really, who wouldn't. And then, once again, we see Jen crying in the bathroom -- picturesquely, for the cameras, dabbing gingerly at her eyes. And lest you think this display is more than just a display, she actually says, aloud, "I don't want to go home." No one's there. I mean, I kind of like Jen -- largely because of how much Dick hates her, frankly -- but Jesus. Dial it back, Sarah Bernhardt. Anyway, Jen DRs that she was upset about her nomination in part because it was so unexpected. Which, fair enough.

Sometime later, Dustin takes Kail up to the HoH room, sits her down, and informs her that she's about to learn something that no one else in the house knows: she's not his target at all! Zach is. So Kail is, like, a double-plus-pawn. Despite how absurd a tale this is, Kail is all flashing eyes and flushed cheeks as she apparently buys it and nods intensely as Dustin orders her to "fight for PoV." And then he reminds her that he'll be fighting for it -- obviously -- which you would think would cause some kind of switch in Kail's brain to flip and make her realize that therefore Dustin is going to be fighting to keep his own nominees in place -- including her -- and maybe doubt some of what Dustin is trying to sell her on. Apparently no such switch exists in Kail's brain. So much for intelligent design! Dustin DRs to us that he'll be happy as long as he can get rid of any of his four targets this week: Jen, Kail, Zach, or Nick. Back in the HoH, their talk has concluded, and Dustin tells Kail she can cry. Heh. She keeps it together and takes off.

Bathroom. Jen is reapplying her makeup when Nick enters and sits next to her. She's telling him how hurt she was by Dustin's nomination when Kail bustles in, and Jen fully rolls her eyes, practically at her, which is kind of hilarious. By this point in my tenure in the house, were I Jen (assuming that the unitard penalty hadn't caused me to quit), I would probably be hissing bile at Kail and feigning narcolepsy whenever she tried to talk to me. She seems like a perfectly nice person but, like, the kind of perfectly nice person you want ringing you up at the supermarket, not half a pillow away. ANYWAY, Kail briskly chirps, "Didn't see that coming!," and though she kneels down near Jen and tries to get in on the conversation, Jen totally ignores her and keeps talking to Nick, who for some reason spends this sequence scratching his forehead with the end of a fork. I hope he's not planning to eat with that after he's had it in the bathroom. Kail says she's shocked, and Jen snuffles that she's not shocked, she's hurt. Kail, brushing her teeth, bends over and reminds Jen that they survived this before, and can again, and Jen whinges that she's not worried about going home, she's hurt. With Amber behind them, washing her hands and staying entirely out of the conversation from what we can see, Zach bends down and gives Jen a hug (aw), and Nick says that if Jen wants to talk later, he's around. Once everyone else has left the bathroom, Kail gets all Julia Sugarbaker, telling Jen that they're the two toughest "girls" in the house and will get through it. Jen's like, "Seriously, I'm not mad about-- eh, forget it."

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