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Jerry and Judas

It's day 32, and neither Keesha nor Libra is surprised to be nominated. Yet Dan is surprised not to be nominated, and Jerry is still pissed at Dan. "The only way he could justify doing something like that (voting to evict Jessie, that is) is if he's America's Player." Which would be funnier if voting Jessie out hadn't been what Dan wanted to do anyway. In the Diary Room, Michelle interviews that she wants the two friends she nominated to know what it's like to have to campaign against each other, because that's what they've done to her alliance. Funny, that's not what she told the meeting.

Keesha and Dan have a talk about how irritating it was that April was the first key pulled out, because of course now she and Michelle are best friends. Libra and Renny join the quiet little powwow, and Libra promises not to campaign against Keesha, but if she goes, she wants to be avenged. We'll see how that goes.

Michelle calls Keesha into the Head of Household room to tell her that Libra is her real target, for having orchestrated Jessie's ouster. Keesha looks bored and irritated by the conversation, because any appreciation she might have at not being in Michelle's crosshairs is far outweighed by the fact that she's not getting the credit for getting rid of Jessie. Not that she can say that. And not that Michelle seems to notice Keesha's lack of gratitude.

Veto competition drawing. Before Michelle, Libra, and Keesha draw names, Dan DRs that he feels safe with anybody but Jerry winning Power of Veto. I think we can take this to mean that Jerry will win PoV. Michelle draws April, Keesha draws Memphis, and Libra draws Jerry. Lucky Dan. Michelle names Ollie as the PoV competition host, probably to remind us that he exists.

Ollie, April, and Jerry hang on the back porch and bitch about Libra, warning each other not to underestimate Libra with the PoV still ahead of them. Jerry then goes to Michelle and shares his theory that Dan is America's Player. Michelle agrees that they can't trust him, and Jerry excitedly DRs that he wants to win PoV so he can get Dan on the block by vetoing Libra or Keesha. He doesn't even care which one at this point, he's got such a hard-on for Dan. And as for his possible justification, apparently that isn't a justification any more: "If he is America's Player, he's a scumbag," Jerry says. Not following that logic at all. How does doing what your country tells you to do make you a scumbag, Jerry?

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