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Till Death Do You Part

Hey, Julie's here on a Tuesday! Fucked up! Also, I think she might be wearing one of those wig-helmets from Sunday's luxury competition. She brings us up to speed, in case we missed the four minutes of previouslies and don't intend to pay attention to the replay of Sunday's nominations. Which, to be honest, I don't.

After the announcement that Ryan has left only Adam off the block, Sheila quickly hugs Ryan and dashes off to cry. Sharon DRs that she's been nominated five times now, but it isn't yet time to reveal that she's got a secret alliance with Ryan. And Adam feels like he dodged a bullet, but isn't out of the woods yet. I know that's a mixed metaphor, but I don't hold myself to the same linguistic standards when we're talking about Adam.

Sharon goes into the bedroom where Sheila's crying, and promises to get her taken off the block. Why should she do that instead of saving herself? Because she wants to be in the final three with Ryan and Sheila, and she doesn't trust Adam. Ryan comes in to offer a lame apology and ducks back out, while Sharon continues to reassure an inconsolable Sheila.

Out in the front room, Ryan is leaning on Adam to help him get Sheila out of the house. Adam agrees to go along, because he can't afford to do otherwise at this point if he wants to stay in the game. He even says as much in the DR. Ryan goes to Sharon to try to strike a deal to boot Sheila, but Sharon is sticking to her guns on wanting Adam out, and she's starting to make a case that Adam's eviction would be best for Ryan as well.

Adam and Sheila have a one-on-one in which he promises to have her back. Sheila tells Adam to win the PoV and vote Sharon out. At least Sheila realizes that she's not going to win it herself, now that Natalie the Giver isn't around to cut bad deals with any more. Adam promises to do that, because again, his strategy is telling everyone what they want to hear. That strategy is starting to show the strain of eleven weeks of use, however. Things start to get pretty tense, and Sheila warns him that he's got to get his hands dirty if he wants to win the game.

Adam and Sheila get called to the DR to get shackled together, as per the terms of the luxury competition they lost. Adam negotiates their wrist cuffs with an ease that Sheila finds a touch alarming. The cuffs are separated by about sixteen inches of non-stretchable cord -- just long enough, in other words, for one of them to use the toilet while the other waits outside. I was wondering about that. I still expect they'll have to wear the same clothes for 24 hours. Anyway, Ryan loves this outcome for what he calls the house's "dysfunctional marriage," with unwitting aptitude.

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