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Orange You Sorry You Got Nominated?

We know that GinaMarie nominated Jessie and Candice for eviction this week after winning HoH. As is customary, GinaMarie explains her nominations in the Diary Room, not that she held back during the nomination ceremony. Candice is "appalled" at being called a tattletale and a rat, and Jessie is "bummed out." After the nominations, Amanda and Judd head into one of the rooms to let out the giggles they couldn't quite contain during GinaMarie's nomination speech. Up in the HoH room, GinaMarie assures Jessie that Candice is the target and they part friends.

In the kitchen, Judd apologizes to Candice, who is then summoned up to the HoH room by GinaMarie. GinaMarie lectures Candice about spreading rumors, and offers to apologize for calling her a rat without taking back what she said earlier about "loyalty," like GinaMarie cares about Candice's relationship with Helen. Candice listens politely, but I think they both know that GinaMarie is lying to cover her ass in case Candice stays this week.

Of course, there's still the issue of who the MVP will be, which is fueling all manner of wild speculation. We of course know it's America, or more accurately that small segment of America that votes on these things. Amanda is one of the few people who still maintains that the MVP is in the house, saying that nobody outside it would ever nominate Elissa or even Amanda herself. Because Amanda figures in the DR, "I've been getting out all the mean people in the house, I don't see why they'd put me up." Spencer tells Amanda that she might be doing something people don't like, but Amanda can't imagine what that could possibly be. Which of course is a big part of the problem.

Jessie joins a small party in the HoH room that already includes GinaMarie, Helen, Andy, Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn. The musical cue indicates the tension, and Amanda narrates it by talking in the DR about how much Jessie annoys her, especially when she sits next to McCrae. So in the HoH room, she invites McCrae to come sit with her. And when McCrae declines -- foolishly, it must be said -- Amanda storms out. McCrae follows her to another bedroom, where they quietly argue about what just happened. Later, McCrae finds Amanda in the shower again, and she tries to get McCrae to understand why she's irritated. And all McCrae is thinking about his how silly this is. "I'd do anything just to be able to scratch through the drywall and just get out of here," he DRs. Must be love. Amanda keeps quizzing him, but McCrae stays mum. She asks if McCrae doesn't want to be with her. Right now he's torn. On the one hand he doesn't, but on the other hand he's terrified to tell her that. So, you know, there's the answer.

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