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Previously: Kaysar was gone, GONE! It was a relief, because he was really just too moral to play this game, or else he was very, very bad at it. There was a séance, which was pretty lame, even for a show that uses hats to substitute for personalities. Oh, and then Erika became HoH (supposedly) and there was a sighting of a sheep that had something to do with the much-ballyhooed "Coup d'Etat." I guarantee you that the number of people inside that house who could correctly spell that phrase is smaller than the number of people inside that house that have allowed people to eat food off their bodies in public.


Kaysar is evicted in blue and white again. He shaved his head for so little benefit, you know? In the DR, James says that he was really bummed when Kaysar left: "His game play sucks, but as a person, I think he's awesome." Heh. I think I actually believe James thinks that, for the most part. I don't see how anyone could disagree with either half, as long as "awesome" has room for a little bit of self-seriousness, which it probably does. George agrees, telling us that he, too, will miss the person he refers to as "K-czar," who was a good person. "Kaysar leaving the house was an extreme blow to my alliance," Janelle says in her usual way; that is, cooking up word soups resulting in technically correct but highly unnatural sentences. She's right, though. Never let it be said she can't count to 25%. She goes on to say that at this point, if she doesn't win competitions, she'll be "screwed."

Mike is not so sad about Kaysar's exit. "So the first member of S6 has left the building," he says in the DR with considerable relief. Mike allows for how hard Kaysar would be to beat at the end, and he adds that he was glad to be rid of the guy for that reason. James reminds us that it's an odd feeling when the votes against you come from your alliance, as did the votes from Janelle and Howie in this situation. "Guess that goes to show you where my alliance stands, doesn't it?" he says bitterly. You know, I'm not sure you can be bitter about the absence of loyalty after you call one of the people involved a "fat piece of shit." Like, "How dare you not stand by me in good times and in bad,, fat piece of shit!"

Danielle DRs that she knows Kaysar will feel like her vote was the "ultimate betrayal," and she hopes he'll understand that "it's just a game" and "there only can be one winner." If she wants people to understand that it's just a game, she should stop looking so serious, like she expects people to watch these videotapes after she's been arrested and jailed. Erika, unsurprisingly, weeps in the DR that Kaysar took her mind off the game. Is Erika's mind on the game the rest of the time? Because if it is, she hides it really well. Will, on the other hand, reminds the rest of the house: "It's not like we killed him. I mean, know, get evicted." Will should not be trying to use logic on these people. It's like trying to beat cake batter with a cocktail napkin.

And then, in the diary room, Will draws the line between love and hate once again, by delivering the kind of speech that people who hate him hate, and people who love him love: "This is just not the show for Kaysar." And then, half-seriously and half-sympathetically, he says, "He's been evicted three times in the last year. You know, sometimes you're good at things, and sometimes you're not, and...hate to be brutal, but maybe this isn't the show for him." It's the part about being evicted three times in a year that I love. Because it's so...true, and it's like sticking a pin in Kaysar and watching all the hot air drain out of him after he's already gone. All those speeches..."This is how you play; this is not how you play." I'm not sure he was qualified.

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