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Ryan brings us up to speed on Natalie's eviction: as it turns out, he and Adam agreed behind the scenes to split the vote between Natalie and Sharon, to put Sheila in the position of having to break the tie. "Why did you guys do this to me?" Natalie keeps whispering in flashback as she hugs everyone goodbye. Add one more thing to the long, long list of things Natalie doesn't get.

Ryan then gives us the best news so far: With Natalie's exit, Team Christ is now over and will never be resurrected. Every time an annoying alliance nickname dies, a recapper gets his wings.

Immediately after Natalie leaves, Sheila airs her irritation at having had to break the tie, but the fact that Natalie gave her cover by proclaiming her undying loyalty to the boys before the vote prevents her from building up a good head of steam. Which of course just annoys her even more. Sharon, meanwhile, expresses her astounded (and loud) jubilation in the DR at still being there after five nominations in a row. Is that a record? But all is not well: Ryan's got a post-eviction bone to pick with Adam. It seems that the two of them agreed to keep it a secret as to which one of them voted which way, and Ryan caught Adam whispering to Natalie that he voted for her to stay. And Ryan is annoyed. Adam denies everything to Ryan, but cops to it in the DR. Ryan, in turn, DRs that Adam will have to face repercussions for throwing Ryan under the bus. Dude, this "bus" everyone keeps talking about is going to need a new transmission soon.

Replay of Ryan's tiebreaker win in the HoH, after which Ryan looks forward to seven days of safety, Sharon remains confident in her secret alliance with Ryan, and Adam worries that Ryan's new distrust of him may play out to Adam's disadvantage. And of course, as soon as it's over, everyone starts accusing each other of knowing someone else in the game, due to that question in which Julie asked if it was fact or fiction that a preexisting relationship was still underway in the house. They all deny it in the DR, except of course the two guinea pigs, who squeak on the seat while helpful guinea pig-to-English subtitles read, "It's us, we're sisters." Shut up, guinea pigs. But Sheila and Ryan explore the theory that they're somehow long-lost relatives.

Later that evening, Adam and Ryan call Sheila out, saying something's up with her. She wants to go find the Bible right now, so everyone can swear on it, and of course her predictably overwrought reaction just makes Ryan more certain that something's fishy with her. Later, outside, he and Adam play mini-golf while trying to figure out how Sheila could be related to Sharon. Inside, Sheila and Sharon talk about who voted Natalie out. Sheila wonders who the renegade voter was, but Sharon claims to know. With Adam going in and out, Sharon and Sheila covertly discuss the vote that just happened. Sheila, naturally, is taking Adam's defection personally. And meanwhile, outside, Ryan and Adam talk about Ryan's power as the "biggest HoH yet." Ryan's glad he can nominate based on who he thinks is bullshitting him. Which makes Adam nervous, as intended.

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