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So HoH Daniele nominated Shelly and Adam for eviction, having learned that Brendon and Rachel are pretty much indestructible and thus leaving them alone. Adam, who has just been nominated for the third time in six weeks, says he needs to win the Veto to keep himself safe. Or he could just keep being a nonentity, which has worked for him so far. Rachel Diary Rooms about how excited she is not to be nominated, of course giving herself and Brendon total credit for this feat. Shelly is too angry about "betrayal and lies" that she's made up in her head to be mad about her actual nomination, which she didn't. As for Daniele, she repeats that this is win-win for her: if the nominations don't change, Shelly leaves. If they do, she can backdoor Brendon. Oddly, that sounds win-win for Adam, too, not that anyone talks to him. Of course, we all remember how Daniele's last win-win scenario played out.

Up in the HoH room, Daniele claims to Shelly that she isn't the target: "I need Brendon to go him this week." Shelly's fine either way, given how much she suddenly hates both Brendon and Rachel all of a sudden. Shelly tells the story about how Rachel lied and said they had a final-three deal with Shelly (complete with an editor-inserted cut of Shelly making a final-three deal with Brendon and Rachel), and Daniele, without even seeing that clip, clearly takes a moment to realize that Shelly has almost certainly dropped her basket. But she pretends to go along. "I suck at lying," Daniele mutters to herself as Shelly leaves happy.

Brendon reminds Rachel to "play smart," and they plan to win the Veto and thus make sure Shelly leaves. I don't see how that couldn't happen.

Big dumb Adam comes into the HoH room to talk to Daniele, but at least he's finally figured out that he's not the target for once; he assumes Daniele wants him to win the Veto so she can backdoor Brendon. Daniele agrees that's the plan. If that were true, I would argue that any plan calling for Adam to win something is a BAD PLAN.

Rachel wanders into a bedroom where Jeff and Jordan are, and they're joined a moment later by Rachel, and then Shelly. In front of the others, Shelly tells Rachel that Porsche exposed their three-person deal. Rachel: "What deal?" Shelly: "Exactly." Well, more or less. Kalia and Brendon wander in, and Jordan decides it's time to clear the air, as she does, and dispatches Brendon to go fetch Porsche. Shelly goes on and on about Rachel's lie about their deal, to Rachel's obvious (and possibly even sincere) confusion. When Porsche arrives, she calmly tells Shelly in front of everyone that Rachel told her that Shelly had proposed such a deal but Rachel didn't trust Shelly enough to agree to it. Rachel confirms it, and goes on to say that Shelly also suggested voting out Jordan. Shelly goes ballistic at having her loyalty questioned while Rachel gets a reluctant Brendon to back her up, belatedly. And Jordan doesn't know who to believe. I'd go with neither.

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