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So HoH Rachel has nominated her archenemy-for-the-week Kristen and Kristen's no-longer-very-secret showmantic partner Hayden, ostensibly because they're after her. Hayden Diary Rooms the same thing Britney said two weeks ago, which is that everybody's after Brendon and Rachel. Kristen says that while she mentally called Rachel a bitch (and verbally, here in the DR), she saw it coming. As for Rachel, she DRs that she doesn't know where her little "bring it on" flourish came from, and up the HoH room, Brendon takes her to task for her word choice and wants her to apologize. Rachel shuts down and gets pissed off, but gets up to leave the room. Jeez, don't apologize now!

Downstairs, Hayden and Kristen ruefully discuss the situation, stating that the only way they can survive is if one of them wins PoV and the other is nominated against Kathy. Even that's a pretty optimistic outlook, but it's still early. Rachel comes in and says it's nothing personal and quickly ducks out before they can light into her too badly. I'm sure that'll change how everyone feels about her.

Back in the HoH room, Rachel is complaining to Brendon that she needs him on her team. He admits feeling bad for the nominees, and she asks why he doesn't feel bad for her for having to nominate them. Uh, because she enjoyed it so much? This continues to the point where they're fighting about fighting, and Rachel's threatening the end of the relationship, rolling her eyes even as he says he loves her. That's some cold shit, right there.

Time to draft the PoV players. Hayden and Kristen join Rachel at the front of the room. Rachel picks Britney, who doesn't look thrilled to be drawn into this. Hayden draws Ragan, and Kristen draws Enzo. The consensus seems to be that none of those three players will change the nominations if they win. Not even Enzo, who's confident that his secret ally Hayden will survive a vote against Kristen. And to be honest, I don't know how heartbroken he'd be if Hayden didn't.

It's a pinball wizard-themed competition, although not so much in the Who/Tommy sense as in the Harry Potter sense, with the players (and Brendon, as the host, like Rachel would have picked anyone else) dressed up in wizard robes and hats. Brendon explains that the goal is basically to shoot a giant pinball across a giant table. The ball can either land in a numbered slot, earning the player that number of points for the round; or in the PoV slot, which is referred to as a "perfect shot." Since this all seems totally random and subject to the whims of physics, perfection might be a charitable concept to apply here.

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