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Stick To The Plan

After nominating Adam and Sharon as agreed, Sheila assures us that Natalie is her real target. So she'd better hope Natalie doesn't win PoV. Natalie, unaware that everyone's now gunning for her, takes Ryan aside to say that in the event of a worst-case scenario -- namely, Sharon winning PoV -- they need to convince Sheila to send Adam home. Natalie boasts in the DR that she's "playing both sides," i.e. "Team Christ" and "Girl Power." And losing to both sides, not that she realizes this.

Sharon goes up the HoH to join Sheila and Natalie, and Sheila participates in their bitching about Adam so they don't know she's looking out for him. Later, Sheila and Adam sit at the kitchen counter as she tries to assure him that he'll be fine. Natalie joins in on the assurances. Adam is either not mollified or pretending not to be, and when Ryan comes along, he reminds Adam that he not only nominated Sheila last week, he put the whole Team Christ alliance at risk by not nominating James. Adam and Sheila start arguing with each other fairly convincingly (and earnestly, as far as I can tell), with Ryan taking Sheila's side. I'm sure Natalie is convinced. "You're not the target," Ryan reminds Adam. The target isn't even in the room...right, Natalie?

Later, when Sharon is in with the group and Natalie's the absent one, Sheila initiates a bitch session about Natalie, and everyone seems to be in agreement that she sucks. Or, in Team Christ-ese, she's Judas. Ouch. And you don't even get thirty pieces of silver for placing fifth in this game.

Late at night, Adam and Ryan are playing chess when suddenly the monitor on the wall above them changes to display an announcement: "Power of Veto Competition TONIGHT." They call the women down from the HoH room to show them, and Sheila DRs that this is probably her only chance to get Natalie out of the house. As long as Natalie doesn't win the PoV, that is. Sheila and Natalie quietly rally their respective troops, which unbeknownst to Natalie are the exact same troops.

After the ads, Sheila announces that everyone needs to retire to separate rooms, since it's going to be one of those one-at-a-time competitions. Natalie is the first one to be called to the back yard, and her voice in the DR while describing the scene is so scratchy and so much more annoying even than usual that I'm almost totally distracted from the giant, nine-screen TV and nine remote controls waiting there for her. Natalie reads the instructions: players will have to use the remotes to change the channels on the TVs to put together cheesy puzzles. She goes in the wrong direction for a while, trying to complete the puzzle that shows all the houseguests' heads Photoshopped onto different copies of Evel Dick's body (and I'm sure Dick just hated posing for that photo shoot). But upon realizing that's the wrong puzzle, she switches to the one of the guinea pigs sporting the various houseguests' hairstyles. Needless to say, some of those hairstyles look better on the guinea pigs. Natalie finishes, and we are given no idea as to how long it took her. I'm sure she'd be able to find some significance in the number of minutes she spent on this, though.

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