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We flash back to Janelle's 8-1 eviction vote, and Joe (the aforementioned one) hollers in the Diary Room, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS HOUSE?" The usual, Joe -- nobody tells the old square white guy what's going on. Of course, he and Mike are the same chronological age, so there's that. Wil DRs that he didn't want to make himself a target, nor did he trust Janelle any more. We see Mike and Frank celebrating, and Mike gloating in the Diary Room like the tool he is. Britney, on the other hand, says she feels horrible about voting out Janelle, but didn't want to go against her alliance. Ashley apologizes to Joe, who waves her off.

Then there's a flashback of Frank's HoH victory, for the second time this summer. Danielle thinks this means she'll be safe, given that the Janelle-eviction she got talked into kept Frank safe, while Joe figures he's screwed as the only person to have voted Frank out. And Dan is interested to see whether Mike and Frank will turn on him and his alliance at their first opportunity. Joe is taking Janelle's loss hard. He's camped out in a bedroom, trying to keep himself calm, when Frank walks in asking for cooking advice. "Do whatever y'all want," Joe says. Frank takes this with the equanimity of a new HoH.

Danielle and Britney sit in the Have-Not room. Danielle tries to buck up Britney, who is certain that Frank's going to win the whole thing, now that they've passed up the chance to get rid of him. "We have to go out there and be happy or we're gonna look like we're sulking," Britney sulks.

Mike quietly talks to Frank about their next move. Mike suggests nominating Wil and Joe. Frank suggests putting Dan up against Wil. Mike actually laughs at this, but it causes even his evil ass concern that it might "rock the trust of the group." On the other hand, anyone stupid enough to trust Mike in the first place deserves what they get.

Still in his spiritard, Frank shows off his HoH room, which includes pictures of himself that Wil finds ogle-worthy and a NASA hat that Ian ogles even harder. He reads a letter from his Nana. You know the drill.

Wil and Ashley are in the backyard, experiencing a little buyer's remorse over getting rid of one of the few people who were on their side. Joe comes out to join them, and I can't imagine he's going to be terribly sympathetic. Especially because nobody told him what was going to happen. Wil DRs that there were two reasons he kept it to himself: Joe has the biggest mouth in the house, and also leaving him out to dry makes him a bigger target than Wil. Neither of which he can say to Joe's face, of course. Ashley just vaguely says something about Janelle playing a dirty game, but then nobody expects Ashley to make any sense anyway. And Joe says that in any case, the two nominees are going to be some combination of the three of them. And probably not Ashley.

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