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First, thanks to Angel for covering for me on Sunday. That episode was a mess, man. I picked the right time to be gone.

But now I'm back up to speed, with HoH Andy having made the safe play of nominating Spencer and Jessie on Day 50. Because he's Andy. Jessie DRs that she needs to win the Veto, which will allow her and Andy to make a big game move together. And I thought the first half of that sentence would be the unlikely part. Spencer isn't happy about being nominated, but he DRs that he's going to pursue a strategy of being cool and likable this week. It'll be interesting to see what that looks like. And Helen is disappointed with Andy's failure to nominate "McRanda. Is he with them or is he with me?" Both for now, as long as nobody in the house hears you say, "McRanda."

Andy takes Spencer aside to give him assurances that he'll be fine and that other people will be telling him the same thing. Spencer plays it cool, even though he doesn't trust anyone. Andy also offers assurances to Jessie that she's not his target either, so he's either lying to one of the nominees or he's got a big back door plan in place after all. And in the Diary Room, Andy confirms that yep, he's lying to Jessie. She seems to believe it, because she wants to. Meanwhile, Amanda is telling Aaryn in the Have-Not room that Jessie's increasingly public desire for a "big move" means she has to go. Andy and McCrae join them, and Amanda decides that since Aaryn has proven herself and given Amanda everything she wants, they're in a final four deal together. Aaryn DRs that she's in because she thinks these three can get her further than Helen can. The discussion soon evolves into an embarrassing brainstorming session for an alliance name. Amanda DRs that she'll have no problem turning on Andy and Aaryn when the time comes, "Because this game is between me and my pizza boy." So from a play on the group's initials, they come up with 3AM. Which is actually my favorite alliance name ever because it's easy to type.

Helen talks with Andy about his nominations, telling him he made a safe decision. She also DRs that she's starting to mistrust him, which is the last thing Andy wants. So join the ranks of HoHs who have been terrified of Helen, Andy.

Helen goes to Elissa and whispers her concerns about Andy, as well as the limited amount of time they have left to turn on Amanda and McCrae. They're both worried about which side Andy is more loyal to.

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