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Julie's dressed normally tonight, because she doesn't want to distract from the media raves that came in after last night's episode: the New York Post called Dan the greatest player ever, and Entertainment Weekly compared him to Paul Newman in The Sting or George Clooney in Ocean's 11. Even Julie's happier than usual. And as for the audience, they're so excited they're about to lose their collective shit.

So thanks to Dan's genius move this week (for once I'm not using that word sarcastically in a Big Brother weecap), Danielle and Britney are the two nominees. Britney's more coiffed and made up than she's been in weeks, meaning she soon expects to meet Julie. Who in turn asks, "Will another Big Brother great be going home? Or will Danielle's game end?" I appreciate the barely-unspoken assessment that Danielle is not a "great." Bur first!

We come back to Day 52, after the bombshell Veto meeting, as some houseguests exchange shocked hugs. "I have no idea what just happened," Shane murmurs, like that's news. Ian asks the same question in the Diary Room, but coming from him it's rhetorical, because he suspects Frank's onto him. Still in the nominee chair, Britney turns to Danielle and asks if she knew that was coming. "I had no idea," Danielle lies unconvincingly. This is why Dan couldn't warn her what he was about to do. This is why maybe he still shouldn't have told her.

Even Dan can't believe what he just pulled off. In the arcade room, he whispers to the camera, "Getting that Veto necklace from Jenn was my finest hour in this house. I don't know how I can ever top it." Nor does the show.

Ian "blasts" into the HoH room on Frank and Jenn, loaded for bear, as long as it's small, nerdy bear. Frank calls Ian out on working against him all along, and as Shane wanders up to the door, Ian gets kicked out of the HoH room for raising his voice.

Back downstairs, Britney takes a moment to try to calm Ian down before going to see Dan, who tells her it isn't personal and tries to claim he hasn't talked to Frank. Britney asks him to be honest, but he's just mum. Hurt, she gets up to leave, but not before warning him that even though he thinks it's just a game, his treatment of people is going to be important in the jury house. Which it will, once she gets there. Dan makes some lame noises in his defense, but Britney's made her point.

Ian vows to Danielle and Shane that he's going to take his revenge on Frank. Shane asks the most pertinent question on everyone's mind: "Where did Jenn come from?" Which is the most astute thing Shane has ever said on this show, and possibly in his entire life. Shane sympathizes with Danielle for having to deal with Dan for another week, not knowing she's back in with him, and he unhappily DRs that he's now going to have to either vote out his former coach or his best friend in the house.

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