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Julie's wearing Goth makeup to go with her peekaboo-shoulder outfit and jewelry from the Fritz Lang's Metropolis collection, a getup which took so long to prepare that she doesn't welcome us into the studio until after both the previouslies and the credits. She brings us up to speed on what a crazy week it's been for the Brigade, with Hayden currently up against Ragan on the block thanks to HoH Lane. "But are the cracks wide enough for Ragan to slip through to the final four?" Julie asks us. I don't think she'd say that if Ragan weren't gay.

After Lane replacement-nominated Hayden to take Enzo's place after the latter vetoed himself, Hayden wonders what Lane's thinking, even though he's pretty sure he has the votes to stay. Britney's happy to be in the final four, and Lane says it wasn't easy to go against the Brigade again, but he's sticking to his plan to keep Britney in the final two. Enzo is glad to be safe, and appears to be very busy at the dining room table building a tiny robot or airplane out of tinfoil. As for Ragan, he says he'll do whatever it takes to stay in the house. I doubt that, since it would take going back in time and blinding Enzo.

Up in the HoH room, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are celebrating an impending win for the Brigade, at least until Hayden and Enzo start speculating on the possibility of Britney making it to the final two. Lane gets real quiet, but in the DR, he says that Britney has more enemies in the jury house than anyone in the Brigade, so he's thinking he'll take her along. If it's up to him, which I'm thinking it won't be.

Ragan realizes his only hope is to win Britney's vote and, since he's not going to get Enzo's vote, convince Lane to cast the tiebreaking HoH vote in favor of Ragan. To that end, Ragan approaches Britney to talk to her about going to the final two with him, and argues that Brendon and Rachel would have a marginally less hard time voting for Britney to win than Ragan. He runs down all the scenarios for the coming week, and convinces her that it's a good idea to keep him around. "I advise you to talk to Lane," she advises. Phase One of Operation Save Ragan is complete.

Ragan asks Lane if he's there to give away a half-million or win a half-million. He tells Lane that he's not going to win in a final two against any of the other guys, which Lane already knows because Britney told him. Ragan sells evicting Hayden as his chance to make that big bold move that'll win him votes in the jury house. Phase Two may or may not be complete, but we won't be finding out until later.

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