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The Ultimate Bro-mance

Two evenings in a row of Julie is kind of a lot, and I'm pretty sure I can see her bra. Anyway, even though I totally thought Adam had betrayed Ryan by keeping Sheila, Julie informs us that last night's eviction was actually a result of a deal cut between Adam and Ryan. Well, that's disappointing; I was hoping to see a beating. We'll learn more about that deal later.

But first, we rejoin the houseguests in the first round of a three-round HoH competition. They're still hanging onto those waterskiing tow ropes while freezing water flows under them and rains onto them. The boys seem fine, but Sheila is complaining bitterly. Adam asks Sheila what she's complaining about, since Sheila wasn't even supposed to be in the game at this point. But that's the thing about Sheila: she's always got something to complain about.

But Adam's remark triggers a flashback to Sharon's eviction, and Sheila's emotional reaction to it in the DR. Ryan, in turn, DRs that he did in fact want Sharon out, and is glad Adam did his "dirty work" for him. And Adam is glad to have strengthened his bond with Sheila, for some unknown reason.

And then we get a flashback-within-a-flashback, to an hour before the eviction. Adam DRs that it's better for him to keep Sheila, rather than have to face the threat of the much more competitive Sharon in the final three. He may have a point; it's not like Sharon won a whole lot more competitions than Sheila did, but she didn't lose them by as much. Adam goes to Ryan to make his case, and Ryan actually seems fairly receptive to the idea that Sheila will be easier to beat in the final three. "She's an old lady, dude!" Adam says. Yep, there's that bond he was talking about.

And then we're back into the regular flashback, as Sheila cries post-eviction and DRs emotionally about how she wants to make it to the end of the game with Adam.

So then we're back to the HoH competition, and Sheila's having flashbacks of her own. Apparently, years ago, she had a near-drowning experience in Hawaii during a hurricane. Knowing what we know now, it becomes clear that Adam and Ryan are taunting Sheila to get her to drop out of the competition. Which she does, fairly quickly. As she goes inside to dry off and warm up, Ryan and Adam make some final negotiations, and after they agree that Ryan will boot Sheila in return for Adam booting Sharon, Adam drops. And that's Ryan as the winner of the first round. Adam sees himself in a win-win situation, since both of the other players see him as being on their side. If Adam actually is on either of their sides, he's not sharing with us.

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