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Replay of Keith's eviction. Porsche's happy about it in the Diary Room, as is Jeff. But Dominic DRs that since the vote was six to four, that tells him that two of their people flipped on the newbies. We know it was Shelly and Kalia, but he doesn't. Kalia says that being called out by Keith had a lot to do with her vote. As for Shelly, remember how in the live eviction episode she said someone would get an ass-whupping? She was totally pretending that she wasn't the other newbie who voted with the veterans to boot Keith, when of course she was. Both Adam and Lawon DR about feeling blindsided by this development. And Porsche gloats some more in the DR about her new Golden Key. Rachel DRs that she and the veterans were able to pull off the vote they wanted, even though they're in the numerical minority. "So I just thank my lucky stars that these newbies are idiots." And as much as I hated Rachel last year? When she's right, she's right.

So then there was a replay of Jordan "winning" the HoH competition, and apparently everyone's pretending that the other veterans didn't throw it to her. Cassi's worried about the veterans being in power again. Speaking of whom, the veterans have a quiet little celebration in one of the bedrooms. While in the Have-Not room, Dominic and Cassi and Shelly and Kalia all agree that they'd like to know who from their side voted Keith out, even though half of them know perfectly well that they did. Lawon joins them and announces, "It's on and cracking." Adam says he was approached, and that he lied to the veterans and said he'd do what they wanted. While he's talking, Dominic leaves the room, which raises Adam's suspicions toward him. Kalia DRs, "There are two people in there lying about their votes. They don't know one of them is me," and she's not saying otherwise. Adam figures that he and Dominic are going to be nominated this week, as punishment for not doing what he said he'd do. In comes Rachel, all, "How's everything goin'?" Rachel pretends not to know there are sides in the house, like it's not weeks too late for that, and when Cassi says something about being disappointed that Porsche stayed, Rachel snots, "Some of us like Porsche and she's going to be here for a month" before flouncing out. Yes, that's the Rachel I hated last year.

Later, Dominic and Jeff are discussing the vote, and Jeff plays dumb, acting like the vets didn't know what the newbies wanted so they were on their own. Like if anyone had just told the vets how to vote they would have been totally receptive to it. Dominic's too upset about the outcome of the vote to notice that he's being blatantly lied to.

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