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The next morning, Gerry says something about friends and enemies that is honestly too boring for me to pay attention to. Josh congratulates himself for getting "one of [his] moles" in as HoH, and crows that he's sitting pretty, provided he hasn't overstepped with Lisa. Marcellas points out that he hasn't really done anything to make Lisa angry, so he can't imagine why she would nominate him. Sigh. Lisa interviews that nominating Marcellas was "verbally Josh's idea." She emphasizes "verbally," as if she's about to clarify that in fact, she was going to nominate Marcellas anyway, but of course they don't show that part, which is very annoying. Josh says he had to nominate someone, and so he picked "the ultimate patsy, Marcellas." Bastard. In a conversation with Eric and Lisa, Josh lectures on and on about how Lisa should play the game. He tells her to nominate Lori as the alternative to Marcellas, because Lori won't hold it against Lisa later. I'm not sure I agree with that at all, but I guess this freaking alliance is so big at this point that there's barely anyone to choose from. He next suggests that they warn Lori that she is going to be nominated, but tell her that the plan is to boot Marcellas. Lisa bristles at Josh's whole Obi-Wan routine, assuring him that she knows how to make her own decisions. This causes Josh to diary-room that Lisa could be "a handful." It's that "women are so cute when they're tough" attitude that I hate. Furthermore, there's not a "handful" on Lisa's entire body, so he needs a new metaphor. He eventually agrees not to tell Lori that her nomination is part of a setup until after the nominations. Excuse me, but why do they think Lori will feel better knowing that a group of seven people is plotting together against her? Aren't they basically going to be "reassuring" her that she's going to be around for about another four weeks, maximum? I'm not sure revealing the alliance is in anyone's interest but Lisa's, which is why it's such a stupid maneuver for Josh to want to tell her. Not that his stupidity surprises me.

Cut to Josh, telling Lori that the plan is to boot Marcellas, and then telling her that she's the other unlucky camper who's getting the nod. Apparently he changed his mind about not filling her in. She isn't too thrilled about being nominated, and wants to know whose idea it was. Josh claims not to know. (You'll recall it was him.) "You're here to reassure me," she says. He proceeds to swear, on a bunch of relatives he probably doesn't have, a cat he probably doesn't have, and a girlfriend he doesn't have, that she can trust him. He also swears on Judaism. I'm sure Judaism is honored. She seems skeptical. Perhaps she's figured out that being the odd person out of a big alliance (which he's telling her is six people, but which is actually sort of seven) isn't such a reassuring thing to know. She says in the diary room that Josh will do anything not to be nominated. That, actually, isn't that offensive to me -- that's kind of the way the game is. It's Josh's personality and stupidity, not his maneuvering, that's annoying me at this point.

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