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Haircut time. Tonya, it would appear, is quite the haircutter. Now, last year when Nicole gave haircuts to people who had been in the house for weeks, it made some sense, because they had gone so long without. But here, I think they're just bored. Tonya cuts Eric's hair and Roddy's, and then she moves on to Jason, and hallelujah to that, because he definitely was working the '80s do entirely too hard. Chiara seems almost sad that Jason's getting his hair cut, and she's still trying to hop aboard the Virgin Hottie Express, so she sits on the bathroom counter to supervise. Long story short, she drags out the fact that he's a virgin in front of several other people. Did she not get the hint that he didn't really want to talk about this? I sort of think Chiara is cute, and well-intentioned, and I get that she has a crush on him. dear, think. She also correctly points out that this will make a lot of women hot for Jason in addition to herself. Sadly, this is true. I actually sort of like the way Jason explains it, which is that it is partly a religious decision, but he also sees some advantage in avoiding sex-related complications in all but the most serious relationships. I also like the fact that in private (in the diary room), he emphasizes the religious aspect, but he doesn't feel the need to do a big public speech about that, and talks more about the relationship-logistics part. He's very endearing, and really quite a good sport about the teasing the girls are giving him, so he gets big points for that. Actually, the only part in this sequence that makes me wonder about Jason is where he's in the shower running what sounds like the electric razor. Ew.

Okay, Josh's Goober Alliance has shifted a little. Now it's Gerry, Lisa, Chiara, Eric, Roddy, and Josh. In other words, out with Amy, in with Roddy. There's a net gain if ever there was one. On the other hand, Roddy, nooo! What are you doing? I hope he's infiltrating. Josh lectures about voting and sticking together and blah dee blah. Roddy indeed says that he's very skeptical about the Goobers. As the hot tub bubbles away, the Goobers discuss Amy, referring to her as "southern belle," which the captioning shows as "Southern Bell." No, captioners. "Belle," not "Bell." Not the phone company, the debutante. Sheesh. They all agree that they will make Amy think she's part of their alliance, and then they'll stab her in the back. There's a lot of sort of meandering strategy talk in this group, just yakkety-yakking about how smart they are and diary-room drivel about whether they trust each other or not, and quite honestly, they just don't have enough to go on yet to make it interesting. Josh shows them how to do the "Big Brother Shake," which surprisingly does not involve Gerry's substantial chestage. Instead, it is the most dumb-ass secret handshake you have ever seen in your life. Seriously, I refuse to describe it. That's how stupid it is. If you needed another reason to hate Josh...never mind. Who could need another reason?

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