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Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

Lori and Roddy discuss Lisa's likely course of action. They agree that picking people to nominate after a day and a half together is destined to be pretty random. Moreover, everyone mostly likes each other at this point, so it's not like Lisa can send somebody packing and get big cheers all around for it. Lori interviews that she feels vulnerable in the nomination process, because she and Lisa don't really know each other, so she thinks Lisa might choose her to nominate. After all, as she and Roddy were discussing, it doesn't take much at this point. The two of them talk about the rumors surrounding Lisa's nominations, and Lori interviews that Marcellas, Amy, and Josh are the ones she thinks are in the most jeopardy. She also says that she thinks "there might be a lot of backstabbers in the house," and punctuates this with a chirp of "Sure!" that is so Fargo it almost seems like parody. Lori and Roddy also talk about the fact that Josh is more than a little paranoid on the topic of the prospect that he'll be nominated.

More sucking-up. Lisa makes it clear that one of her demands is that she get her bed back when she's done being HoH, because she feels such a close "bondage" with the other occupants of the Aquarium Room. Oh, great. Add yet another category of voyeur to the mailing list CBS will be using to market the live feeds. Even more sucking-up. Maybe that's the theme of the episode.

Josh very stupidly says that this is the best time to be HoH, which is certainly not true. I'm not convinced that you want to be thrown into the turmoil the first week. Roddy, on the other hand, intelligently perceives that Lisa's power is going to be pretty transitory, and that although she has the novelty of going first with nominations, it doesn't mean a hell of a lot that she has power for the week. Smart man, Roddy. Kinda funny, too. Lisa, very clearly, is doing a piss-poor job of being HoH, because she's being much too full of herself about it. "No dishpan hands for the Head of Household," she quips when someone else takes over washing the dishes. Ugh. Ease up, dearie. You don't want to make enemies.

Sitting by the pool, Josh continues his crusade to make loud sucking noises against every ass from L.A. to New York. He tells Amy how concerned he is about being nominated, and how surprised he was when Lori bumped him from the HoH competition. He offers Amy some more incoherent babble about strategy, and wraps up by informing her that Danielle doesn't like her, which is certainly true. Amy swears that she makes a bad first impression. Yeah. Let me know when she gets to her second impression, because her first impression has turned out to be of a spoiled drunk, and I'm about through with that. Josh's paranoia continues unabated, but Amy assures him he won't be voted out because he's "the comic relief." He says that they would really start laughing if they saw him naked, and Amy thinks he's joking. I think he probably isn't. Furthermore, Amy needs a supportive undergarment, stat. She's lying on her back, basically, and gravity is sort of...burning her candle at both ends.

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