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And now we learn that we can vote to decide what the have-nots will eat next week: taffy & tuna, catfish & candy corn, or fruitcake & fish sticks? So alliterative, if untasty, combinations of sweets & seafood. Hey, look, I can do it too!

Julie flogs the upcoming week's worth of shows, mentioning that they plan to tell the houseguests about Annie on Sunday, because why let them go on thinking they still have a saboteur, lest something interesting happen?

Then it's eavesdropping time, an we find everyone sitting back in the living room like it's group interview time. Then they suddenly all jump up, because the saboteur left a little surprise for them. And although we don't find out what it is before the feed cuts off, I'm guessing that it was a little rubber spider or something, because that's exactly the kind of lame-ass shit the "saboteur" has been pulling, and it's a fitting swan song. Even if it's a rubber swan.

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