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Annie says, "Let's talk about that!" I half expect Julie to cut her off and say they're out of time, but she impresses me by letting Annie run. And Annie pays off, reporting that Brendon tried to flirt with her, and she declined. "And 24 hours later, he had a showmance, so she should be really proud of herself that she got my sloppy seconds." Yeeow! Even Julie reacts to that. Julie asks if there's anything else coming form the saboteur, and Annie promises that she's not gone yet. What is it, a bomb? Well, we can hope.

HoH competition. It's just one of those eleven-way quiz show type things, so for once they'll be finishing a competition still clean. When we come back from the ads, outgoing HoH Hayden is sitting this one out. Julie says the game is called "Majority Rules." We've seen it before, but Julie explains that they'll be answering dual-choice questions, and the object is not to answer correctly, but give the same answer as the majority. So the goal is to be stupid. Big Brother in a microcosm, in other words.

The first question is about whose life story would make more money at the box office. Most think Enzo over Kathy, which eliminates Brendon, Kristen, and... Kathy. The next question is who would win a bikini contest -- Rachel or Kristin? All but Enzo, Matt, and Lane think Rachel, so that wipes out the Brigade in one shot. I'm sure we'll be hearing about that in the Diary Room on Sunday. Moving on: who would be most likely to put a life-sized sculpture of himself in his front yard, Hayden or Brendon? I think we've even heard these exact questions in previous seasons. Everyone answers Brendon, so that's a five-way tie. Who has more Facebook friends -- Britney or Monet? Everyone answers Britney, so that's another tie. The third tie in a row tells us that everyone would rather cheat off of Ragan in a test than Matt. Matt doesn't look as pleased as you might think to see that he's succeeded in keeping his "genius" under wraps. For the question of whether you'd have Andrew or Lane pack your parachute, Andrew's the only one to pick himself, which is kind of self-fulfilling. Who's more likely to talk their way out of a traffic ticket? Ragan chooses himself, but everyone else picks Britney. We're down to Britney, Rachel and Monet for the tiebreaker. Julie asks how many gallons of caramel were in the caramel pool during the H/HN competition? Britney guesses 41, Rachel almost gets DQed on time guessing 80, and Monet goes even longer and ends up scrawling something that looks like she's in a Celebrity Jeopardy sketch on Saturday Night Live. She has to call out her guess verbally, which is 725. The studio audience mocks her audibly. Since she went over the correct answer of 330, Rachel's the new HoH. How do they feel about keeping her now?

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