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Now it's Rachel's turn, and if Annie's speech threw her, she doesn't let it show, going ahead and reciting the platitudes she was probably planning to spout all along. Julie says it's time to vote, and Monet is first. So no HoH interview? I can't say I'm sorry. Hayden probably isn't either; how would he have gotten through it without Enzo and Matt telling him how to answer Julie's questions?

Monet votes to evict Annie. So do Andrew and Lane, and then it's commercial time. I guess we know how the Brigade is voting, though, so nice job killing what little suspense might have existed during the ads.

Moving on. Kathy votes to evict Annie. So do Kristen, Brendon, Ragan, Enzo, Matt, Britney. And that's everyone, so it looks like another Big Brother twist just fizzled out. Which, from my point of view, is awesome. If not for the alleged lifelong friendship, which may or may not be a bluff, the show would have precisely dick right now. Which might be boring for me in the long run, but right now I'm just savoring the spectacle of the show doing a total faceplant.

Annie hugs a few people on her way out, and carries her bag out to the studio. The remaining players are left in the house discussing weighty matters like the impressive height of Monet's heels. Clearly Annie's departure has moved them all so deeply they can't even discuss it yet.

For the Exit Chenterview, Julie informs Annie that we all now know she was the saboteur, and asks what she's doing out here with her. Annie blames it on having to play too hard. Julie asks why she stuck by her former allies, Rachel and Brendon, when they were both nominated, and Annie admits it was a mistake to trust Brendon. Julie asks why they didn't keep her, as Annie suggested. "They're not smart," Annie explains. Julie tells Annie about America having voted Kathy the saboteur, which amuses Annie. She describes Kathy as a little ["cuckoo whistle."] Julie asks Annie who she thinks is the strongest player, and she still thinks it's Brendon. Because she's still not aware yet of how Brendon is a howling black hole of emotional neeed. But anyway, now it's time for the farewell messages, and Annie braces herself.

Hayden says she's great, but caused a lot of drama, which is why she's gone. "As a friend," Britney says, "I'm going to let you know that those ill-fitting flats have got to go, and it might be a good idea to toss the silver eye shadow while you're at it." Yikes. I'm glad Britney's not my friend. That means I can keep my ill-fitting flats and silver eye shadow. Ragan says he thinks she's the saboteur. Brendon says he never wanted to choose between her and Rachel, and hopes they can be friends afterward. Good luck with that. As for Rachel, she says, "I am so happy to see you leave! You tried to come in between me and my man, like he would ever pick you over me, please!" Did Rachel think she was going on Charm School?

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