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Julie reminds us that despite being such an awesome saboteur, now Annie is like any other player who has to try to save her ass for another week. Then we see the houseguests getting another saboteur message sometime between the Veto ceremony and tonight: "Hayden, nice try. I escaped the block this week. Better luck next time." So Annie's allowed to lie as the saboteur? Everyone wonders what this means, until Britney decides it means Brendon is the saboteur, because he escaped the block. "This might just save me this week," Annie DRs. Well, anything's possible, especially when one player is allowed to cheat.

So Andrew makes a pitch to Hayden to get rid of Rachel, to weaken Brendon. Since it's Andrew suggesting it, though, I think we know how far that's going to go.

Outside, that night, Annie keeps working a group of the hamsters that includes Enzo, saying that it makes no sense that they're sending home the least popular person in the house in favor of breaking up the strongest alliance in the house. And she flatly says of Brendon, "He has a different job than he says he does." Annie's referring to Brendon's being a scientist as well as a swim coach, which Brendon told her and Rachel about in the hammock. That seems to have the exact effect on her listeners she wanted it to. Annie continues floating hypothetical offers, saying people could be making some sweet deals with her right now. Oddly, nobody seems to be taking her up on it. Maybe the ideal person to talk to about that is not a group of six.

Post-ads, Julie gets on the viewscreen for the group interview with the houseguests. Julie plays the clip of Brendon losing his shorts during the Have/Have-Not competition, because something that wasn't all that funny to start with always gets funnier when we have a chance to watch the houseguests laugh uproariously at it. Julie changes the subject to Rachel, asking what he sees in her. Although she's a little more polite than that. He gives a nice little non-answer. Julie then asks what the most surprising message from the saboteur is, and Andrew says it was the news that there is a friendship in the house already. "That was a good twist by CBS. And the saboteur," Andrew says, as if one isn't the agent of the other.

Julie tells Annie and Rachel it's almost time for the vote. Annie pleads her case first, starting politely enough by saying thanks to everyone. Then she adds that Rachel has something Annie doesn't (and not the giant boobs): Brendon. "Brendon will take her through this game, just like Jeff did with Jordan." Will they then go on to be on half of The Amazing Race? Annie goes on to call Brendon a liar, and tells them that although he's safe this week, taking out Rachel is their one chance to weaken him while they can.

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