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Julie welcomes us to the live show in a teal sci-fi dress that screams, "I ain't pregnant this season, suckas!" After the previouslies, she tells us it's Day 13 in the house. "Already, alliances have formed, a showmance has bloomed, and a saboteur is on the loose." Later, we'll find out whether Rachel or Annie will be evicted. But first! There's a replay of the Veto ceremony way back on Day 8, where Annie called out Britney. So it's been an awkward five days. How'd giving Annie that little tip work out for you, Brit? Rachel's looking on the bright side: there's a chance that she and Brendon will get to stay together another week. I didn't say it was a bright side for us.

Outside, clueless Andrew offers to let Annie talk to him, openly admitting he has no idea what's going on. Annie informs Andrew that Britney's spreading rumors about her. But lest you think she's only complaining behind Britney's back, she calls out, "___ you, Britney," when she goes back inside. Britney just thinks Annie's crazy. It's hard to disagree.

Brendon whispers to Rachel that she just has to be cool, since Annie's already in the process of blowing herself up. And then Annie comes in and snips at Brendon. "I guess our alliance is off, Brendon," she sarcasms in the main room in front of everyone. "So glad we had one." Brendon comes out and sympathizes with Britney over how she ended up getting all the blowback, advising her to keep her distance. Britney's way ahead of him there. She may not be as dumb as she looks.

Matt and Enzo, meanwhile, congratulate each other on how they "orchestrated" this all. Yes, gentlemen, I've never seen anyone pull off a plan B with quite such... uh, self-aggrandizement.

Annie approaches Brendon to talk to him, and although she says in the Diary Room that she felt bad about it, she doesn't seem to be willing to let him off the hook. "I don't think she understands how much it really does affect me," Brendon says in the DR of watching Annie cry. So then he goes and makes out with Rachel, and in the middle of it, brings up Annie. Which hurts Rachel's feelings, which in turn upsets Brendon all over again. Why can't either of this week's two nominees be there for him?

Julie reminds us that we've been voting (or, more accurately, they've been voting) on who the saboteur is, and the votes are in: it's Kathy! Or is it? Julie isn't telling yet.

At least not until after the ads. Mission: Impossible-style music plays as a pair of female legs walks toward the DR, and their owner sits down and says, "Hello, America. I'm the saboteur!" Yup, it's Annie. Which I totally called last night. Congratulations, Big Brother, your big twist for the season is about to be moot. But first she wants to tell us how she pulled everything off, as if any of it was hard. For the padlock stunt, she just popped a lock onto the door during the blackout, but then bumped into someone on her way back into the living room. The lame tape-on-the-memory-wall was a suggestion from a viewer, and I don't blame her for wanting to make sure we didn't think that was her idea. Now, Annie gets a suggestion from Facebook to hide an annoying beeping device somewhere to annoy people. She plants them all over the house, to everyone's annoyance. "Man, I'm good," she gloats in the DR. Yes, so good she's going home.

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