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Secret's Out!

Time for the first HoH competition, which is confusing to me because I thought Power Couple replaced HoH. I now see what my mistake was: I didn't expect the unexpected. Stupid me. The houseguests come outside to see the backyard transformed into a tiny pond that's mostly covered up by a big dock and the seven tiny boats tied to it. Yes, that's seven boats; Jen and Parker are playing instead of hosting. The actual hosts? Eric and Jessica from last season, who are still a couple, apparently. Eric explains that this will basically be a version of The Newlywed Game. Jessica squeakily sends half of each couple (the women and Neil, and I really hope that Neil and Joshuah will be taking turns getting lumped in with the women) into the Smurfy "Tunnel of Love." The guys, including Joshuah, stay behind to answer the first question, which involves choosing between "full speed ahead" and "turn back now" as road signs to describe their partner's feelings about them. Or something. Everyone gets it right, and Adam actually gets a hug from Sheila when he's the only one to guess that his partner said "turn back now." Like that was hard.

The second question is about physical attributes that are turnoffs, like bad teeth, hairy legs, spare tire, or unibrow. The people in the tunnel come out modeling cartoonish versions of each turnoff. Everyone gets this one except Matt/Natalie and Chelsia/James, which puts them in the lead. The next question involves fantasy fetish wear, with gymnast, cheerleader, nurse, and dominatrix costumes. Amanda and Alex get it right, as do Allison and Ryan, and Matt and Natalie, the last of whom now have a commanding lead. This time the guys (and Joshuah) head into he tunnel for a question about what parts of their bodies they would change. At the end of this round, Matt and Natalie are still in the lead. For the next question, fetish-wear makes a reappearance with a "pool boy" sweep for everyone except for Chelsia, who picked "pizza boy." For the final and deciding question, the women (and Neil) have to answer what celebrity type they think they are. After another goofy costume parade, Amanda and Alex end up as the first HoH couple. So now maybe Amanda can get herself some pants. See you Sunday!

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