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Secret's Out!

The next morning, Parker calls Sharon up into the HoH room to ask her who called him a snake. Wow, this is really that important to him? Sharon plays it like she knows, but acts like she also promised not to tattle. But she leads Parker to believe that the snake-caller was Ryan. And we get the season's first misuse of the term "back-doored" as Sharon says she's just trying to move the target away from her idiot partner by whatever means necessary. And Parker DRs that if what Sharon said was true, Ryan might be leaving soon. Well, not if Jen has anything to say about it.

So later, Parker and Jen lie in the hammock as he tells her about the conversation with Sharon, and Sharon's claim that Ryan doesn't like him. However will Jen protect Ryan and their secret now? Well, she doesn't. Right away, Jen comes clean to Parker that she and Ryan are in a couple. "Scandalous!" Parker whispers. But Jen insists that she's in it to win with Parker, even if it means evicting Ryan later on. Parker seems cool with that. So Ryan comes over to join the twosome, and now that he knows Parker knows, he goes and takes Allison aside to let her in on the secret. Allison is not nearly as cool with this as Parker was; she was clearly already invested in this "relationship." But Ryan assures her partner, just like Jen did, that they're out to win it together. Allison DRs that Ryan would be better off with her, rather than with someone "catty and jealous and needing to be the center of attention" like Jen. Because Allison isn't like that at all. Allison doesn't trust Jen, Jen doesn't trust Allison, Ryan doesn't trust Parker, and Parker doesn't trust Ryan. So everything's good, then?

In the morning, the Sheila/Adam lovefest continues: turns out he snores. And Jen is getting almost as tired as Adam is of all her bitching. Not looking good for Sheila and Adam. On many levels.

The video monitor now reads "Eviction Today." The responsibility seems to weigh heavily on Jen and Parker as they convene the eviction ceremony. Jen starts crying, and Parker emotionally announces that Jacob and Sharon are the ones to go. There is much hugging and goodbye-ing, as if these people have known each other for more than a couple of days. In a joint Power Couple DR, Jen is still crying as she says that Sheila and Adam were obvious targets, hating each other and all and not being able to shut up about it, but that Jacob shot his mouth off, and Jen's devastated that Sharon had to go with him. Sheila and Adam realized that they dodged a bullet. I, on the other hand, am thrilled. No more difficulty telling Jen and Sharon apart! No more straining to understand what Jacob is mumbling about! And best of all, no eviction interview with Julie! That's an A for this episode, right there.

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