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Secret's Out!

Three minutes of previouslies to remind us of what happened just last night. Of course, nobody was watching then, but it's not like anybody's watching now, either. As things shift into color signaling that tonight's "action" is beginning, Parker DRs that Sheila and Adam should probably go after all, which is the opposite of what he said last night. After the Power Couple competition, Adam talks to Matt about his idea for a hair salon for special-needs kids, "so the retards can get it together and get their hair done." Sheila is deeply offended, as is anyone else in earshot and, indeed most of humanity.

Everyone reenters the house, and Sheila holds court among the women about how much she can't stand Adam. As she's talking about a family member of hers with Down Syndrome, things fall silent as Adam comes and raids the refrigerator. Later, Sheila has a one-on-one with Adam trying to convince him of how offensive his choice of words was. Adam isn't seeing it, because he figures that if you work to help the special-needs kids, you get to call them whatever you want. If you say so, hamster.

Allison flirts with Ryan; he's trying to play the part with her. It seems to be going okay, because she doesn't notice that he keeps cutting guilty looks back at his real girlfriend, Jen. Who in turn is giving Ryan the hairy eyeball from the couch. Jen DRs tearfully about how hard it is to watch, and then she and Ryan sneak a quick convo and kiss in an otherwise empty room while everyone's getting ready for bed. I can't wait until these two get busted. Which is okay, because something tells me I won't have to wait long.

Amanda and Alex are getting along great. She likes to parade around and do gymnastics in skimpy, tight clothes, and he likes her to do that too.

Jacob DRs that he wants to mess with people. Or, in his colorful phrase, "turn the chicken up." Outside in the evening, Jacob blathers unintelligibly to a few of the other guys that he doesn't trust Parker, for some reason. Parker's partner, Jen, joins the conversation, and Jacob claims, to her, that everyone thinks Parker's a "snake." Jen fakes a contact-lens issue to make her escape, and goes to find Joshuah. She also reports Parker's putative snake status to Parker himself, who heads right outside to confront Jacob and the rest of the guys. Jacob will only tell Parker that "everyone's" calling him a snake, but won't name any names. So then Parker makes the genius move of waking up the half of the houseguests who are asleep and calling a house meeting so that they can discuss it now. I don't think I'd appreciate it much if somebody woke me up for that. Let it go, Parker. Nobody speaks up, and Parker puts Jacob on the spot to tell on whoever said Parker was a snake. Jacob tries to dodge, because he doesn't actually have a name, and everyone quickly figures out that he's just making shit up. Sharon isn't happy about this either, because her partner's in the crosshairs, which means that she is too. Even draping herself over Joshuah doesn't seem to make her feel better.

In the PC room, Parker and Jen agree that he handled it well, and that now they need to warn Sharon. Who, as Jacob joins her in bed, glares at him brightly enough to make the night-vision cameras nearly superfluous. She's pissed at Jacob for fucking with shit without warning her. And also, I suspect, for being Jacob. I think I agree with her.

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