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Secrets And Lies

It's Day 7, and Parker DRs "The Steps of Destruction, By Jen:" (1) She had a secret relationship with Ryan, (2) she's cocky, and (3) she's an idiot. Obviously, Parker isn't happy about being tethered to her. After the nomination ceremony breaks up, Allison talks to Ryan about how they have a better chance to survive than Jen does, but she informs him that she's still going to be Little Miss Needypants about it all the time. Super.

Meanwhile, Jen, Parker, and Amanda talk about how if Jen and Parker win the PoV, Jen's going to save herself and Parker. Parker then DRs that he trusts Amanda more than he does Jen. And then there's a little whispering and there are some long hugs between them, as both Parker and Amanda each talk in the diary room about having a bit of a crush on the other. So far, I'm not any more impressed with Big Brother's personality matching than I am with...well, any other aspect of Big Brother, really. ["For real; it's not like you have to go through soulmate calculations or consult an oracle to get people on this demented show to swallow each other's tongues. The boredom and the fact that everyone involved is as shallow as a saucer will take care of it." -- Miss Alli]

Joshuah DRs that Neil has suddenly left. As in, left the house, out of the game, gone. "Dead," in Big Brother parlance. So that leaves Joshuah in need of a partner. He's been given the choice between the two people who have already evicted (and sequestered, because apparently everyone is going to be on the jury this season. So who's he going to pick: Jacob, whom everyone hated, or Sharon, whom everyone hated to see go?

Obviously the latter, as everyone gathered in the living room excitedly cheers as Joshuah reintroduces Sharon as his "hot wife." It's a joyous reunion. At least until Sharon becomes literally the last person on Earth who cares at all about Big Brother to learn that Jen and Ryan are a real couple. Which, in her case, isn't all that unjustified, considering that if Jen hadn't protected Ryan, Sharon and Jacob might not have been evicted in the first place. Then Joshuah and Jen go off alone to set down some ground rules, in the sense that Joshua doesn't want Jen making jokes about him behind his back. Was that an issue with Neil? Since the two gay guys have gotten the least screen time of any couple (including the couple kicked out on the second episode), there's no way to know. But at least now Joshuah doesn't have to negotiate with his partner about which one of them will be "the girl" in any more gender-divided competitions.

Amanda asks Alex for a back rub, but when he declines, Parker is happy to step up. And she's happy to return the favor when he's done. There's all kinds of other traffic in the bathroom while this is going on, too: creepy Adam, voicing his approval (which is the best argument against it I can imagine); Alex, Amanda's jealous partner; and Jen, Parker's partner who may be almost as jealous as Alex despite having her real boyfriend there in the house with her (so far). "There is sooo much drama in the house," Amanda says while rubbing lotion into Parker's skin, as if she has no idea why.

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