Big Brother
Season 15, Episode 32

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After nearly an hour delay caused by tennis, you'd think we'd get right down to new business and find out who the HOH is… but no. Not even close. First we have to get a recap of all the events from all of last week and then get the "unseen" footage from Thursday's double eviction night. None of this involves anything from the jury house, so I'm more than a little annoyed already.

We once again see GM telling Amanda to "get to steppin'" and then McCrae in the DR saying he never expected to have a showmance, and GM SCREAMING ABOUT HOW SHE GOT TO SEND AMANDA PACKING. Spencer is just grateful that he didn't go home even though he's the most nominated person in history.

As soon Amanda slams Andy on her way out the door, Elissa chases McCrae down to the backroom to ask if he's the one that voted out Amanda. I still don’t get her thinking (or lack thereof) here. Andy DRs that people weren't aware that he was playing both sides of the house. He goes to the backroom and attacks Elissa for not sticking to her word, and she laughs in his face. Andy continues to DR that he's going to have to sell the lie that Elissa is the traitor, and he's got his exterminator friends to back him up. I'd suggest a drinking game for every time someone mentions that alliance this episode, but I don't have nearly enough alcohol in my house. Andy also asks McCrae if he was the one that evicted Amanda, and the poor pizza boy just looks confused.

Then, we flashback to McCrae's HOH win where he DRs that he's got to get his head in the game. (One might argue that he should have done that weeks ago). Spencer wants to see him in the cockpit, Elissa begs that he not put her up and Andy demands that he trust him. Andy worries that McCrae might be on to the fact that he might get nominated by McCrae if pizza boy figures out that he was the one that took down Elissa. He thinks he's charming by saying it is his mission to make McCrae believe he should be trusted, but that he should definitely not be trusted, but it just makes me want to punch him in his smug face.

Elissa pleads -- well mostly just says "please" a lot -- and Andy goes on the attack telling McCrae not to be fucking stupid... in front of Elissa. Andy tells Elissa to stop lying, and she's just horrified. And then we learn that McCrae is a moron. He apparently had a strong suspicion that Andy was the one that voted out Amanda, but still put Elissa up for eviction because that's what the house wanted. Who the fuck cares what the house wants at this point in the game? That kind of crappy game playing is going to get him kicked out quickly. And I hate all this BS about "bowing down to the will of the house". That nonsense has really put a damper on this season.

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