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Season 15 – Clip Show

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Been There, Seen That

After McCrae's exit (seen Thursday), Andy DRs that McCrae must think he's been double-crossed. Which, to his credit, Andy admits that he totally has been. And he's not the only one, so a lot of people in the jury house are going to be thinking the same thing if Andy makes the final two. Andy was probably wise to put that proviso in there. To be honest, I'm having trouble picturing any of these people in the final two, let alone winning. Spencer DRs that after being nominated eight times and not being evicted once, he's the season's Grim Reaper; if you see him sitting next to you on eviction night you might as well get up and tell Julie you'll be right there.

All of that was on day 84, after which the final three (Spencer, GinaMarie, and Andy, Exterminators all) did a group hug, and Andy was glad they told McCrae about their alliance before he left. Then there's a flashback from the flashback to just before Thursday night's show when Andy -- with GinaMarie and Spencer also at the table -- told McCrae about their alliance, including the part where Andy voted Amanda out and blamed Elissa for it. McCrae takes it harder in the DR than he does at the table, because he's just that Minnesotan. "Amanda's gonna be pissed," he says. In the DR, he regrets trusting Andy and admits he got played hard. Yes, and it was painful to watch.

At some later point, the final three come downstairs to find the traditional mimosa breakfast laid out for them. GinaMarie struggles with the cork on the champagne bottle, and then Andy struggles with kicking off the first stilted framing device for what's going to essentially be a clip show. He asks Spencer about the origins of the Moving Company, which Spencer credits Nick for. He also mentions that Nick was out the second week, and two more of them were gone within a month, so after McCrae's departure the only former Mover left is Spencer. Flashback to day 2, when Nick pitched an alliance to Jeremy in the back yard, casting Howard, Spencer, and McCrae to fill out the team. Then they ratified it in McCrae's HoH room, and Spencer recalls that it obviously wasn't going to work because it turned out that Jeremy was such a dick. As an illustration of that, we get to see a reprise of Wine Bottle-Gate, when Aaryn sicced Jeremy on everyone over the red wine being gone. And then Amanda went out to yell at Jeremy, who was completely unrepentant. And look how that worked out for him. And Aaryn. And Amanda, for that matter.

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