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Cut to Mike talking workout tips with Frank. So clearly he's on top of everything.

Janelle has a private talk with Joe, telling him he needs to go upstairs and grovel and convince Shane to backdoor Frank, or he's going home. "You have to," she tells him. Think he will?

Later, Joe asks for a few minutes in the HoH room with Shane, and says he's going home if Shane doesn't save him, and if he does, he'll be extremely loyal to Shane. In fact, he offers to work with Shane outside his team, and promises to be there for Shane, swearing on his whole family. Even so, Shane's not convinced. But Joe seems sincere, as even in the DR he promises to have Shane's back more than his own. Now just imagine how much more pissed Joe's going to be when Shane leaves him hanging.

In the backyard, Dan hosts the sushi party he won for the coaches, Shane, and Danielle, while Wil hosts his own birthday party while wearing a naval jacket, hat, and briefs. Eventually the parties merge, and there's a game of spin the bottle, which Ian hijacks to steal a peck from Ashley. Are these people in junior high? Shane gets a way bigger kiss from Danielle when he spins it and everyone pushes Danielle in front of the bottle. Which leaves her giddy, while Shane hopes for a second kiss some time. Oh, I think it might just happen. I can tell by how gross I feel right now.

Britney finds herself alone with Ian late at night, and while they do laundry, Britney wants to make sure his team isn't going to nominate Shane next week. Ian doesn't see any "foreseeable circumstance" for that happening. Not good enough for Britney, who was hoping for a straight no. Because people in the Big Brother house prefer a straightforward lie to a qualified truth. You'd think superfan Ian would understand that.

The next morning, Britney tells Shane about Ian's cagey comments, which makes them both think Ian is untrustworthy, which they think is because Mike's been in Ian's ear, which means he's probably been in Frank's ear too. Britney even mentions Shane's secret deal with Frank, so I guess she was brought in on that loop off-camera at some point. Either that, or she's finally figured out how to detect secret alliances, about two years after that skill would have come in really handy for her. Anyway, the point is that they're giving Mike credit for scheming he isn't even doing, and thus overthinking their way into backdooring Frank. Next thing you know, Shane and Britney are doing preemptive planning for damage control after Shane replacement-nominates Frank. Did you know that professional poker players hate playing against people who don't know how to play poker? That thought occurs to me a lot when I'm watching this show.

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