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Each player is positioned between two ramps that are six feet apart. They're going to have to keep a ball rolling on each ramp at the same time, and anybody who drops a ball is out. The person who lasts the longest wins PoV. Ashley says she has to win to guarantee her safety, I guess because Big Brother wouldn't let her bring her dream board into the house. Joe says it's must-win for him, since he sees himself as the bigger threat of the two nominees. Frank doesn't care who wins as long as Wil and Joe don't. The horn sounds, and the players start shuttling between the ramps, alternatingly pushing the balls up on each one. They DR about their strategies, and soon Wil is the first to be eliminated. Joe pushes one of his balls too hard and clear out of the ramp, so he's out next. Sucks to be him.

Frank hits one of his balls while looking behind himself at the other one, so he's the next to be eliminated. Like he cares, since the two people he was worried about winning are both out already. Danielle loses it almost immediately afterward, so that leaves Shane and Ashley as the two remaining players. Shane DRs that his "integrity" and "pride" are on the line. I can see one of those, maybe. Ashley is falling behind, catching balls after they roll off her ramps, but she can't keep that up, and Shane inevitably wins the PoV. That's his third of three. Now at least Joe is mad at himself instead of Shane, whose ass he now has to kiss. And we know how much Joe sucks at that. Janelle claims in the DR that she's not worried at all; she just has to go to work. Does she really still think she'll be able to come out of this week with three players? What kind of miracle does she plan to pull out?

Britney happily enters the HoH room, where Shane informs her, "You're so lucky you picked me." He figures they have a lot of options now, what with him as both HoH and PoV holder, but Britney now seems fully on board with taking it out of Janelle's ass, given all the pouting that's going on with her team. Then she launches into a hilarious impression of Joe, slouching on Shane's couch and bellowing in a Chewbacca voice. See, this is why I like Britney. They see on the monitor that Janelle is already on her way up, but right now Britney's main concern is getting Joe's recipes before he leaves.

Once she's in the room, Janelle tries to repeat the case to get rid of Frank rather than taking out her own players, who, as Janelle correctly points out, can't seem to win anything anyway. Britney argues that Janelle's players haven't exactly reached out to Shane, moments before they're joined by Wil and Ashley. Shane tells them all that he's got to think about next week, when he won't be HoH, and Janelle maintains that they can make a deal for even longer, if they go after Mike's team instead. Janelle is so eager to win their trust that she offers her wedding ring as collateral to keep for three weeks if she screws them. "You're crazy," Britney says, immediately picking up the ring and putting it on. They refuse to keep it, but Janelle's point is made. Now her only concern is to get ahead of whatever nefarious scheme Mike is no doubt working on behind everyone's back.

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