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So HoH Shane nominated Joe and Ashley, Janelle's two eligible players, making up some cockamamie excuse to conceal his hidden alliance with Frank. Joe's earsplittingly angry about it in the DR, while Ashley is all weepy and sad, and Janelle says with determination, "I've got to get to work." Mike DRs that the game is getting too easy, giving himself credit for Frank's non-nomination and everything. Meanwhile, Britney goes to Janelle to apologize for Shane's nominations. They talk, and Janelle acts quite understanding about Shane's supposed retribution against Janelle's team for its abandonment of Britney's last week. Britney DRs about how good Janelle is at not seeming mad, but isn't prepared to trust her.

In the HoH room, Britney tells Shane she's fine with his decision, and that even Janelle realizes she needs Shane and is going to be willing to work with him. And after all, if one of Janelle's players wins PoV, Frank could still get backdoored. Or so Britney thinks.

Janelle instructs her players to go make up with Shane so he doesn't think they're mad at him. Which of course they are, and they also don't want to be seen as ass-kissers, but Janelle says they need to convince Shane he's safe from them so he might still nominate Frank. Joe DRs about Janelle's "WOMANLY ADVICE ABOUT LOVE AND BUTTERFLIES," but doesn't think he can swallow his pride. Actually, with that increasingly long gray flavor-saver growing on his chin, Joe looks more and more like he's trying to swallow a pigeon. Joe starts to leave his team to go see Shane, but Janelle holds him back to make sure Joe will be able to play nice and convince Shane he'll keep him safe. On Joe's way out the door, Wil advises, "Be yourself. Be positive." I think Joe can probably only do one of those things right now.

Up in the HoH room, Joe puts on his act, saying he wants to work with Shane now. Shane, in turn, doesn't seem to want to take yes for an answer, pointing out that Joe seems to have come to this realization a little late. "BOY, YOU NEED TO LEARN SOME MANNERS IN THIS HOUSE!" Joe DRs. Joe, meanwhile, needs to learn indoor voices. Since Shane isn't following Joe's script, he drops the act and says he's mad. Way to play it cool, Shouty.

Time to pick the PoV players. Shane, Joe, and Ashley are automatically playing, and as usual, they each draw a name at random. Joe bellows in the DR that he doesn't want Frank in the competition, because he can't compete against both of them. Shane draws Danielle's name, like he hoped; and Ashley gets Houseguest's Choice and picks Wil, meaning half the people in the competition will be Janelle's entire team. Joe draws Frank, which is a tough break for him. Much like he keeps breaking the microphones in the Diary Room. Shane chooses Jenn as the host for the competition, and we cut right to the backyard. The PoV competition has a circus theme, and the players come out in big red clown pants and rainbow suspenders. "The only thing I'm confused about," Britney deadpans in the DR, "is why is Frank the only one in the Bozo wig?" See, that's funny because it's Frank's real hair.

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