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Previously: Eric was -- you may have heard -- a five-foot-seven Jewish kid with no game. So the show decided to make the next America's Player question about who Eric should kiss, the equivalent of suggesting a game of spin the bottle. If any of us cared at all about Eric as a person, I'm sure we'd all be giddy with anticipation as to how this is going to turn out.

The blue-and-white reminds us that Jessica nominated Zach and Amber in a fit of spinelessness. No, I can't expect Jessica to walk right into the Donato tornado just because I don't like them, but maybe at least acknowledge that back-dooring one of them is at least a possibility? In the DR, Zach appears to be genuinely hurt that the understanding he felt he shared with Jessica appears to not exist, while Amber is of the mind that she's safe, and furthermore that worrying about it would just piss God off, so she won't be doing that. Dick and Daniele take turns smugging in the DR about how their alliance looks to be steamrolling, even though Daniele tempers that with her ever-present "people can be such liars and jerks" attitude, just so you know that if there are any plans to get rid of her or her dad, they are borne of meanness and deceit.

Hey, so let's see how Amber's plan of not worrying lest she upset God is going! Well, she's in the DR, crying of course, but also apologizing to God for doing so. We also get the same "God bless you, God" clip we got at the end of Sunday's episode, in case we forgot how dumb that sounded.

In the bathroom, Zach showers while Daniele attempts to make him feel better about his nomination. Zach's worry is that his odds for POV are low because nobody's going to be throwing any veto competitions from here on out. Daniele tells him that even if he doesn't get the veto, that doesn't mean he'll be going home. She doesn't say this definitively; she doesn't tell him that she and Dick and Eric will be voting for Amber so he shouldn't worry, which either means that's not the plan or it's not definitely the plan, but either way, it doesn't seem that Daniele's willing to go beyond coy.

In the HOH, Jess and Eric try to assure Jameka that everything's okay. Jameka DRs that she would hope that Amber isn't the real target and that there's a plan in the works to back-door Daniele, but obviously nobody's telling her that's the case. She takes this info (or lack thereof) to Amber, who seems to be honestly not stressing about it. Jameka's like, "Well obviously if it's you versus Zach, you'll be safe," which on the one hand parallels what Daniele said to Zach, except in this case, Jameka has no basis for thinking that's true, considering D&D hate Amber and Eric already voted Dustin out. I don't get it.

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