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Same As It Ever Was

Nice cardigan, Julie. She reminds us about how Matt and Joshuah tried to run Ryan, but Sheila came out of left field to fuck things up. She's mostly right, except that Sheila is still in left field. Oh, and apparently y'all have been ignoring me when I asked you not to vote anyone back into the house, because we're going to find out who won the vote.

After a recap of last night's PoV ceremony, Natalie and Matt go out into the yard to gloat about how stupid it was of Joshuah to tell Natalie the plan, because she still thinks Matt's her partner and has totally forgotten that her moron-scorned ass was totally on board with it when she first heard about it.

And it's a time for recriminations in the HoH room, as Chelsia and Joshuah come up to yell at Ryan for going back on his word. Matt comes in to join in the yelling, but Ryan asks for a few minutes alone with Josh. As they leave, Matt tells Chelsia that the two of them are cool with each other. I would say that Chelsia appears to disagree.

In private, Ryan explains that he was going to put up Josh, but they had a deal, and now they can trust each other. Josh seems satisfied that his deal didn't go through, as long as he's still in with Ryan. Well, that was easy.

And downstairs, Sharon frets to Natalie, Matt, and Sheila about how she expects to go home now. But they assure her that James is the one who's going down. Matt DRs that James was going to be in his "crew," but he tried to "overthrow the king," so he's gone. James, in turn, is dealing with the situation by lying on the floor somewhere, looking like a prisoner in solitary confinement.

It's workout time in the yard, as Sheila tells Ryan he did the right thing in nominating James. Ryan agrees, and tells them about what Chelsia said to him earlier. "Bring it, bitch, you're going down," he spits. Charming.

Enter Chelsia and Joshuah, who take up position on either side of Sheila to try to intimidate her. Matt says something about Josh being "the asshole of the house," (a hotly contested position, to be sure) and Joshuah looks like he's going to go off on Matt. Think he'll get in Matt's face the way he did with Allison and Amanda? We'll never know, because Sharon wisely reels him in; she figures that if Joshuah blows up, she's the one who'll suffer. Oh, who are we kidding? Of course we know.

Later, Sheila and Sharon talk about Matt and Natalie's chances of winning the game. Sharon reveals the fact that Matt made out with her when she was HoH, which kind of impresses Sheila.

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