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Julie looks up from the mortal struggle she's locked in with a brocade shower curtain long enough to welcome us to the show and remind us that Jeff has nominated Natalie and Kevin as pawns, only to put up his real target, Russell, as a replacement nominee. Russell's wearing his eviction-night suit in the living room, while Kevin and Natalie are wearing their old clique-wear for some reason. To remind us they were from different cliques but are now allies? I don't know.

We flash back to the Veto ceremony, after Jeff put up Russell in place of Kevin and invited, "Let the weirdness begin." But first we get to hear Kevin and Jeff narrate what's going on. Russell pouts in the nominee chair until long after the end of the meeting, and as we see him get up and wander off, he Diary Rooms, "He picked the wrong guy." Russell's first move of his grand retaliation is apparently to go pace around the swimming-pool room while Kevin and Natalie and Jordan talk about being in the final four with Jeff. Of course Jordan doesn't know that Natalie and Kevin are going after Jeff next, but it can't matter all that much, because Natalie and Kevin never win anything, anyway. The two losers, who have nonetheless played Jeff perfectly, go and celebrate quietly in the stock room that they're both staying. Wait a minute, Natalie -- you're still nominated, and Russell's survived before. Cheer down.

Michele comes and finds Russell still apparently meditating, and they hug and he wishes her good luck like he's already gone. Michele cries, because as she says in the DR, this makes her feel vulnerable, even if she doesn't like Russell all that much. Russell, however, thinks she's crying over him, so he comes over all protective and mad at Jeff.

So he...goes and pouts in the backyard. After a while, Jeff heads out, saying he's going to "face the music." Jeff gets Russell to admit that it was a good play, even though Russell has been saying the opposite in the DR this whole time, and as the other houseguests drift outside to eavesdrop, the two of them start arguing about who had a deal with whom, until Russell flat-out threatens Jeff with violence if he ever shows up at the jury house. Jeff comes right back at him, saying he's willing to lose $500,000 right now "if you talk to me like that again." Russell makes another threat, and instead of getting to watch Jeff make good on his own warning, Natalie goes up to get Jordan out of the HoH to watch. Jordan wades right in protectively. It just gets even more schoolyard from there.

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