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Later, George invites everyone to see the HoH room. You may be expecting that it would be filled with chickens or oversized shoes or t-shirts with slogans about farting, but in fact, the room is lime green and lemon yellow. Mike says it was a "throwback '70s thing." "Is this what your bedroom looked like in the '70s?" Will asks George, and George laughs. George tells us that it reminded him of Austin Powers. And he loves Austin Powers. Aw, that's so cute. And...random. Howie tells George that his daughters are "hot." "I know, Howie, I know," George says warily. I think having Howie admire the hotness of your daughters is right up there with having the IRS write you a card all, "Nice safe-deposit box." George says that the letters from his family were really great, and they made him feel like it was all right for him to stay and play the game. It makes me crazy when these people act like they worry about leaving their families, when in fact, if they didn't want to leave their families, they didn't have to. I'm going to get myself a sign that reads "REALITY TELEVISION ISN'T THE ARMY," and I'm going to pace up and down in front of different L.A. bars until I've worked it into the local vernacular.

Later, Janelle and Howie have their meeting to pressure George, presumably about what he should do in case of a veto. They claim that they saved him from the block last week, which is...not what I recall, except in the narrow sense that they allowed themselves to be talked out of putting him up. Howie wants to know whether George will put up one of the two of them if James or Erika comes off the block. Janelle DRs that George wants the nominations not to change, and that she told him that if she wins the veto, she won't take anyone off. "For once, I feel safe. It's just really bizarre," she says. Ultimately, George tells them that he won't go after either of them. He either has a terrible inability to say no to anyone, or he's the best bullshit artist of all time. I can't tell if he's the Rain Man of this show, or if he's...sort of riding the bus with his sister, if you see what I mean.

Back from commercials, George, wearing a yellow feather boa and thus looking particularly chicken-y, pulls everyone into the living room to pick players for the veto competition. The players, in addition to George, James, and Erika, are Howie, Danielle, and Will. Mike says that he was happy that Janelle wasn't going to be able to compete for the veto, so it seemed likely that they'd be able to get somebody vetoed and get her out.

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