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When we come back from commercials, James is still all wound up over the veto competition. The editors, never ones to miss a chance to demonstrate that a self-righteous dude is full of shit, show about six times that the doll they originally fought over was the wrong doll, which James is mistaken about. It's perfectly understandable that you might get confused in all that scuffling, which is why it's not so smart to get yourself too exercised about it and make it this big of a deal, James. And it is a little more complicated than the editors are implying, because it looks like what actually happened is that Janelle grabbed both dolls. She wrenched the Howie doll away from him, and then, with it still in her hands, she went over and also grabbed the Marcellas doll. So it's also not as clear as Janelle is saying it was. I'm not sure whether the rules allowed you to go around and grab a bunch of dolls at the same time so that nobody else could get them, but that's sort of what caused the second part of the scuffle. She wrenched one away, so he let her have it and went for another one, and then she took that one, too. Janelle also denies kicking James, but the tape shows that she certainly did kick him, though it's not clear whether it was or wasn't intentional.

Will takes over in the DR to explain the whole thing: "It's James's contention that he and Janelle came to a doll at the exact same time and Janelle kicked him and bit him and punched him in the face and pulled one of his eyes out, and then she went and got some pliers and yanked out one of his wisdom teeth. The way I saw it...she just whooped his ass." Ha! Leave it to Will, you know?

Up in the HoH room, Mike and Will celebrate another competition going pretty much the way they intended, with their usual silent game of jumping up and down with glee. "James thinks the show is fixed in Janelle's favor," Will says in the diary room. "And it is. I'm the one fixing it, James!" Will tells Mike that he's looking forward to everyone in the jury house realizing that they were all booted by Will and Mike. Will does say, though, that it's a tricky time. "If this goes poorly," he says, "Erika and Danielle are going to win HoH and put us up." Word, dude. This is when I begin to suspect that Will is in the process of getting himself kicked out right now. Will tells Mike to act all upset about the fact that Janelle won the veto, and when Erika comes in, he does just that. He's not doing too bad until he throws in, "I'm beside myself." Too much, dude. Of course, Erika doesn't notice, because she's stupid enough to be sleeping with him, so it's not like she's applying a lot of careful judgment to the situation. When Mike is gone, Will assures Erika that Mike will put up George. Erika DRs that she knows Mike really wanted to get rid of Janelle (cough), but sending James home is fine with her. So yeah, she bought "I'm beside myself." From Mike.

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