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After commercials, Janelle and James have a chat. They both pretend not to think it's a setup to take out the other one. Does Janelle own anything other than the Baby Make It Nice shirt? It's like they've all been gradually shredding their clothes as they get dirty. Don't fear the washing machine, people. Janelle claims to feel like she wants to go home. James DRs that he does think Janelle realizes that she is basically responsible for getting Howie and Marcellas booted. She says in the DR that everyone is against her. Except, of course, her newly beloved Chicken George.

Time to pick veto players. Six will play. James says that he'd love to take himself off the block, which is...kind of obvious. Mike gets Houseguest's Choice, and he picks Will, because Vanilla Ice is not available. Janelle picks Danielle. She says this upset her, because she knew Danielle would save James. James draws Erika. Janelle pops upstairs to talk to Will and Mike before the veto is played. Will excitedly tells her that they're going to help her get the veto, or they're going to try to get it themselves. He explains in the DR that he wants to keep Janelle in the house because she's a bigger target than he is. Janelle says that she's "very suspicious" of Will and Mike. Of course, her suspicion isn't much good to her, obviously, since she's doing whatever they want.

After commercials, George explains the incredibly overcomplicated veto competition, in which all the players will start out kneeling in front of this giant stone head (I know; work with me), and they'll be asked a question, to which the answer is another houseguest's name. So whichever houseguest it is, they all have to run around the yard to find one of several dolls with that person's initial on it. When you find one, you run back and kneel on one of these stones, and the last person to return will be knocked out. Janelle announces in the DR that it's like "musical chairs or duck-duck-goose." That's...not how duck-duck-goose works, Janelle, but thanks for playing. Musical chairs, yes. It's like she's a dumb-game savant. She doesn't understand them, but she wins all of them.

The first question sends everyone hunting around for dolls, and the answer to the first one is Nakomis. Will says that he was throwing the competition, but he didn't want anyone to realize he was throwing it. He takes a long time, but does make it back with a doll this time. It comes down to Erika and Danielle, and Danielle is knocked out. "Danielle, you have been eeeee-liminated," says the big voice. In the next round, Will gets himself knocked out. "I couldn't have cared less," he assures us. I think that's probably true. I think that's actually true a lot. Next round, Mike finds the doll early, so he sets it up for Janelle and leads her to it. So much for winning out of pure awesomeness. Mike gets knocked out on this round. So we're down to James, Janelle, and Erika.

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