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Now, Julie is here again, with Howie and Erika sitting in the nomination chairs. First, Julie asks whether the person with the coup wants to use it -- if so, stand up. There is no standing. So now, we will move on to the voting. Danielle goes into the DR. She votes to evict Howie. James votes to evict Erika. Janelle votes to evict Erika. Will votes to evict Howie. Mike votes to evict...Howie. Back in the living room, Julie says that by a vote of 3-2, Howie is evicted. Howie sits stunned for a few seconds, and then he gets up to hug James and Erika. He hugs George, and then sarcastically says, "Your word's pretty good around here." He hugs Janelle, telling her to win it for the team. Whatever, loser, you're already gone. He hugs Danielle. As he goes by Mike, Mike starts to apologize, and Howie grabs his hat and flings it away, telling Mike he's a "sellout." Whoa. It's like that moment at a party where the drunk guy who was singing "Margaritaville" five minutes ago suddenly gets really pissed off and breaks the coffee table.

Mike starts sarcastically applauding Howie's "class move," but George misses the point and starts clapping also. It's always sad when sarcastic clapping is inadvertently mixed with real clapping. It's hard to watch, this whole thing. "Another class act leaves the Big Brother house," Mike declares. The appointment of Mike as the arbiter of what is classy strikes me as darkly amusing, particularly considering that he's wearing orange crop pants at the time. Howie turns from the door and comes back toward Mike, going chest to chest with him and saying, "Do it to my face. Lie to me. Little punk." James comes over and physically pulls Howie away from Mike, gently and without saying anything, as Mike starts to say, "Get to steppin'. Get to steppin'." God, how old is he? How old is that expression? "What are you going to do about it?" Howie asks angrily. "There's twenty people standing outside the door," Mike says in disbelief, wondering whether Howie actually intends to start a fist fight over his eviction. My favorite part is that Mike has provoked Howie on purpose, precisely because he knows there are twenty people outside. Mike is a puss, and he never would have done this in a setting where Howie could deck him, which is why it's at the forefront of his mind. Howie insists that he can take Mike "any day of the week." Well, any day where there aren't producers everywhere. He also goes on to tell Mike, dead seriously, that he will "knock [him] on [his] ass" once they're outside the house. Howie really should not do that. You don't actually threaten to assault people, dude. Especially not a guy like this, because somebody is bound to beat the shit out of him sooner or later, and now you're just setting yourself up to be blamed. Mike goes back to sarcastically applauding and saying "class act," and Howie says "kiss my ass." That is pretty classy. "You got...Chill Town's word is as good as gold," Howie spits. "Get a life, Howie. Go get a life, dog," Mike says. Or, I guess, he says "dawg." Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a pair of dorks have such a spirited debate over who's stupider.

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